Code of Conduct - Sitters, Nannies & Night Nurses

Working under NannyPod is a commitment that should not be taken lightly. All babysitters, nannies and infant care nurses must adhere to the NannyPod Code of Conduct 24/7/365. The Code of Conduct is in place to help protect you, protect NannyPod and facilitate good working relationships with all of our families. Please read this link carefully and stick to it at all times to maintain our, and your reputation.

Thank you.

'The NannyPod Team'


Text Message Notifications

  • When you receive appointment request notifications via text message, you only need to respond if you can do the appointment. Just text NannyPod immediately on 843 819 3840 with the appointment details. Families use NannyPod because it is reliable!

  • If you receive a text message from a Family directly, you must reply to them. If you can do their childcare request, you must Add The Appointment on the MindBody Business App immediately (see video here: )

Time Clock

  • You must Clock In / Clock Out of Appointments as soon as you can after finishing.

  • Your Time Clock must be 100% accurate e.g. if you start at 3:02PM and finish at 8:06PM, your Time Clock should reflect this exactly. Edit your Clock In and Clock Out times accordingly if needed. This must be done as soon as possible after each appointment, and certainly no longer than 24 hours after the appointment ended.

  • When attending Infant Care Night Nurse appointments, you must stay awake or liaise with the family about your own nap times.

  • When providing childcare, you must be attentive to the child / children and not be on your phone scrolling through social media / internet / emails.

Appointments & Cancellations

  • Every appointment that you work with our clients must be on the official NannyPod calendar and app before it commences. If it is not, add the appointment yourself using the MindBody Business app. Just click the + sign in the MindBody Business app. Be patient, it takes a few seconds to load. (see video here: )

  • Do not circumnavigate NannyPod i.e work for NannyPod clients without appointments being officially booked

  • Always arrive early by 5 minutes. The only way to be on time is to be early.

  • Dress neatly and comfortably. Wear your NannyPod t-shirts when you can.

  • Review the client and any notes about the appointment before you arrive. This can all be found in the MindBody Business app.

  • If you have to cancel an appointment, you must text NannyPod immediately on 843 819 3840. Cancellations should be limited to extreme illness and family emergencies. They should be a very rare occurrence. If you happen to cancel an appointment via the app in an emergency, be sure to select the option that notifies the client. You must still notify NannyPod. *Families who contact you to cancel should be directed to the app to cancel any upcoming appointment.

  • Your primary role is childcare. You are not expected to complete heavy household chores. However light household tidying up (toys, dishes, swapping over laundry, etc...) is appreciated by every family when they come home.

  • Keep your knowledge about families and their household confidential.

  • You are responsible for any reimbursements for gas, lunches, food, drink, entrance tickets etc... between you and the family directly. Keep receipts as proof. However, if you have any trouble, please do let us know. We are here to help.

Time Off

  • Regular nannies must give their matched family and NannyPod 31 days notice in writing to their email and if planning to leave a family for whom you work on a weekly basis. This also applies if taking a vacation.

  • Regular nannies (part-time and full-time) are usually guaranteed certain hours and pay per week. However, this does not apply if you take time off, and have not yet earned it. Review this link about Time Off, and ensure that you use Time Off accordingly as agreed (if applicable) with your matched family.

Accidents / Incidents of Consequence

  • Any accident or incident of consequence should be noted immediately in the notes section of your time clock when clocking in / out for that specific appointment. We also advise you send the family an email summary, and copy for record purposes.

Background Check & Drug Test Fees

  • If you do not work for NannyPod at least 25 Hours in total, and leave the platform, we reserve the right to charge you for the Background Check and Drug Test fee we fronted when on-boarding you. Hence, we encourage you to stay on the platform as long as possible, and make yourself available for appointments, even if it is only on an occasional basis. Thank you!

  • If we do have to charge you the Background Check and Drug Test fees, you will be reimbursed if you return to the NannyPod platform and subsequently work at least 25 hours.

Hotel / Resort / Marina / Vacation Rental Appointments - Best Practices

  • Show integrity and courtesy towards the valet if they gave you Free Valet or Free / Discounted Parking (click here to read more here about this benefit)

  • Always notify the concierge / front desk upon arrival

  • Ask that the person who requested you come down to meet you in the lobby and verify with the concierge / front desk that they're a guest of the location

NannyPod strictly enforces the above rules. Sitters and nannies who do not abide by the NannyPod Code of Conduct will face disciplinary action, including possible termination. The Code of Conduct is for your protection!



Marketing Documents

NannyPod - Sitters Text Message Flyer


If you have any questions, please contact:

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