Babysitters & nannies - Date Night / One Time Nannies / Back Up Care / Infant Care

5 Appointment Fee Levels


3 Membership Choices + Pay As You Go Fees  

Membership Type Date Night / One Time / Back Up Childcare
$10 Hotel/Resort Guest Membership + Pay As You Go Yes
$20 Monthly Membership + Pay As You Go Yes
$180 Annual Membership + Pay As You Go Yes

Short term Babysitters and Nannies, provided through NannyPod, are the easiest hassle-free way for parents to get reliable consistent childcare. You can now have complete peace of mind knowing that a local Babysitter will look after your children on a regular basis, even throughout the night when needed. Date night or occasional one time childcare, we have you covered (4 Hour Minimum on Babysitter Appointments ; 4 Hour Minimum on Nanny Appointments). 

*Registration required. Membership required. Opt-in to all email and text notifications & reminders required so you receive confirmations. Simple 12 hour appointment cancellation policy. Thank you.

My daughter asks me if Carrie can come over and play with her. It forces me and my husband to go on a date—we love it!”
— Melissa B.
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Babysitters & Nannies

  • 4 Hour minimum appointments

  • Flexibility to schedule babysitters on a one-time basis,

  • See real time availability of our approved babysitters & nannies

  • Request appointments on-demand using the New App

  • NannyPod handles all pay via the app

  • Families are charged down to the exact hours and minutes worked to their credit card / bank account on the app

How We Categorize Babysitters and Nannies

All of our locally approved full time and part time Babysitters are qualified based on paid childcare experience, in addition to a selection of other qualifications.  

*Appointments may be upgraded at our discretion in order to be filled. The below matrix is purely a guideline. Thank you.

Appointment Fee Level Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Copper
Cost Highest Medium-High Medium Medium-Low Lowest
Experience CPR + Other Qualifications CPR + Other Qualifications CPR + Other Qualifications CPR + Other Qualifications CPR + Other Qualifications
Recommended Demographics / Great For Average City Income Above $100K / Urgent Very Last Minute Needs Average City Income Above $85K / Very Last Minute Needs Average City Income Above $70K / At Least Two days+ Notice Average City Income Above $55K / At Least Two days+ Notice Average City Income Above $40K / At Least Two days+ Notice

Other Qualifications May Include: First Aid | CPR Certified | Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) | Neo-natal Resuscitation Program Certification (NRP) | Pediatric Emergency Assessment Recognition & Stabilization Certification (PEARS) | International Nanny Association Member (INA) | Childcare Related Undergraduate Degree | Childcare Related Graduate Degree | Registered Nurse Qualification (RN) | Languages | Teacher Experience

Personal Family Consults

Looking for a Family Consult in person with one of our staff to cover your exact infant / childcare needs? You can easily request one of these via the New App, online or through the MindBody Connect App once you are registered and have paid the membership fee.

If you have any questions, please contact:

(843) 819-3840