Technology Help  

Please follow these steps in this order before getting in touch with us for technology help, thank you.

  • Only choose specific sitters/nannies in your location, NOT the Any Nanny/Sitter option or Test Profile

  • Be sure your location settings are turned OFF

  • Log out

  • Update app by FULLY deleting it, then re-upload it from your app store to most recent version, then be sure to sync if using MindBody to make requests.

  • Clear your cache

  • Close all browser windows / apps

  • Ensure your operating system is up to date

  • Ensure you have at least 1GB of spare memory

  • Turn off your device / laptop / desktop

  • Turn on your device / laptop / desktop

  • Log in

  • Ensure you have a Membership that is current i.e. not a future start date (if applicable as a client)

  • Ensure your internet / wifi is working correctly by searching on Google / Yahoo or Bing for "NannyPod" then clicking through a few pages

  • Give the app at least 60 seconds to load up most recent appointments, if applicable

We often find that trying the above steps first resolves most issues. Thank you for trying the above first.

Still having trouble? You can make requests 4 Ways. Please click below thank you.

- The NannyPod Team