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NannyPod provides babysitters, nannies and night nurse infant care on demand, at an affordable price. Our Charleston SC nanny and babysitting service is convenient, safe and secure for families and our staff. Parents can request childcare instantly online or by using the MindBody Connect app. Get started with NannyPod today and find babysitters or nannies to cover your childcare needs!

Families: 3 Membership Choices + 3 Ways To Buy Hours

Membership Type 14 Day Hotel/Resort Guest Monthly Renewable Annually Renewable
Price $10 One Time $20 Recurring $180 Recurring (Save $60 compared to Monthly)
Childcare Type Babysitters Nannies Night Nurse
Membership + Buy Hours In Advance Yes Yes Yes
Membership + Buy Hours Monthly Yes No No
Membership + Pay As You Go Yes Yes Yes
Childcare Type Babysitters Nannies Night Nurse
Appointment Minimum 2 Hours 4 Hours 6 Hours
  • Fully background checked babysitters, nannies & night nurses
  • Fully insured & CPR Certified
  • Claim IRS tax credits for childcare costs
  • Earn NannyPod Reward Points for every dollar spent and redeem them for free hours!


  • See available babysitters & nannies in real time on the MindBody Connect app
  • Instantly request babysitters & nannies on a one-time or recurring basis
  • Pay down to the minute, all handled by NannyPod



Instantly view and Request Babysitters, Nannies & Night Nurses Online or via the MINDBODY Connect Mobile App

Charleston SC | Mount Pleasant SC | Sullivans Island SC | Isle of Palms SC | Johns Island SC | James Island SC | Kiawah Island SC | Seabrook Island SC | North Charleston SC | Goose Creek SC | Summerville SC

  • Babysitters (2 Hour minimum)
  • Nannies - (20 Hours minimum per week for Part Time Nannies, 40 Hours minimum per week for Full Time Nannies; 4 Hour minimum appointments; 2 Weeks scheduling in advance required; Choose a 2 Month (June-Aug Only), 6 Month, 12 Month or 24 Month commitment; Choose between a Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze Level nanny, matched to your family; 100 Hours Paid In Advance required before any matching)
  • Night Nurse Infant Care (6 Hour minimum)

Date nights, weddings, vacations, occasional babysitters, regular childcare, permanent nannies, night nurse infant care... NannyPod has you covered.

Convenient Pricing for On Demand Childcare

We designed our Charleston SC nanny, babysitter and night nurse service to be as convenient and hassle-free as possible. Families buy a membership, and can then buy hours in bulk using Pay In Advance, or Pay Monthly. You can also just Pay As You Go. Once you are registered and a member, just make requests online or via the MindBody Connect app. NannyPod handles everything else! We even do Personal Family Consults if you need help determining your exact childcare needs which you can request online or via the app.

3 Membership Choices + 3 Ways To Buy Hours

  • Babysitters - Membership + Pay In Advance, Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go
  • Nannies - Membership + Pay In Advance or Pay As You Go  
  • Night Nurse Infant Care - Membership + Pay In Advance or Pay As You Go
  • Personal Family Consults - Membership + Pay As You Go Hourly Fee


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Families: 3 Membership Choices + 3 Ways To Buy Hours


Still need some help? Give us a call or Request a personal Family Consult...

Need some help determining your exact childcare needs or have some questions about how NannyPod works? Call us on +1 843 819 3840 or request an in person family consult via the MindBody Connect app or online.

*Please register as a family first, and purchase a membership if you would like an in person Family Consult, thank you. 



Babysitting, Nanny & Night Nurse Jobs Across Charleston SC

We have hundreds of safe reliable families across Charleston SC registered with our technology driven on-demand nanny and babysitting service. When you apply, you are fully vetted before being officially listed on the NannyPod platform. Get paid down to the minute, by direct deposit, even when families cancel. Part time nannies get paid a minimum of 20 hours per week. Full time nannies get paid a minimum of 40 hours per week. Read all the benefits by clicking Apply To Be A Nanny / Sitter.  

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