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NannyPod is a vast network of Nanny Agencies, Babysitters, Nannies, Infant Care Specialists and Parents seeking short term or long term childcare. Get connected today!

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Family Membership Type 14 Day Hotel/Resort Guest Monthly Renewable Annually Renewable
Price $10 One Time $20 Recurring $180 Recurring (Save $60 over Monthly)
Short Term Childcare Date Night Babysitters Occasional Nannies / Back Up Care Infant Care Nurses
Appointment Minimum 4 Hours 4 Hours 6 Hours
Membership Required Yes Yes Yes
Long Term Childcare Part-Time / Full Time Nanny
Nanny Match Process Family Consult + Search Fee + Placement Fee
Membership Required Yes

We provide short term childcare (date night sitters / one-time nannies / back up care), long term childcare (part-time and full-time nanny matches), infant care during the day or night and family childcare consults. Our company can liaise with you on your exact childcare needs.

Headquartered in Charleston SC with locations across the USA, our nanny and babysitting service is convenient, safe and secure for families and our staff. Parents can request childcare instantly via our website, the NannyPod App or via text message. Get started with NannyPod today!

*Registration required. Membership required. Please Opt-in to all email and text notifications & reminders so you receive the Welcome Email and confirmations. Appointments may be upgraded at our discretion in order to be filled. Simple 12 hour appointment cancellation policy. Thank you.

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NannyPod Benefits
Access To Long Term or Short Term Childcare / Infant Care
Background Checked & Driving Record Checked Childcare Providers
CPR Certified Sitters, Nannies & Infant Care Nurses
Personally Interviewed Childcare Providers
Claim Tax Credits / Pay with Corporate FSA or DCAP / Pay Down To Minute With Card On File
Schedule via App / Online / Text Message
Tech Driven Nanny Match Recruitment Process
Simple Short Term Childcare Fee Structure (Membership + Pay As You Go)
Simple Long Term Childcare Fee Structure (Membership + Family Consult + Search + Placement Fee)

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Still need help? Give us a call or request a Family Consult

Need some help determining your exact childcare needs or have some questions about how NannyPod works? Call us on +1 843 819 3840 or request an in person family consult via text message, or via the MindBody NannyPod app or online.

*Please register as a family first, and purchase a membership if you would like an in person Family Consult, thank you. 

Babysitting, Nanny & Infant Care Nurse Jobs in the USA

We have hundreds of safe reliable families registered with our technology driven childcare business network. We are technology driven nanny agency and babysitting service. When you apply, you are fully vetted before being officially listed on the NannyPod platform. Get paid down to the minute, by direct deposit, even when families cancel. NannyPod is free to all Sitters, Nannies & Infant Care Nurses as long as you complete 25 hours of appointments over a 1 year period. Read all the benefits by clicking Apply To Be A Nanny / Sitter. Thank you! 

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Leverage our vast network of sitters, nannies, infant care specialists and parents seeking short term or long term childcare. Our childcare network can help your business scale and operate more efficiently. You’ll be able to complete long term nanny placements (part-time or full-time nanny match positions) quickly and easily. Partner with the NannyPod network today!