Free Valet Parking - Sitters, Nannies & Infant Care Nurses

NannyPod is asking all Hotels, Resorts & Marinas to provide free valet parking to official NannyPod Sitters, Nannies & Infant Night Nurses. Thank you.

It ensures guests / vacationers can receive on-demand childcare at your Hotel / Resort / Marina conveniently and punctually. This also helps ensure all on-demand childcare appointments are completed as safely as possible.


  • Please be respectful and tip the valet accordingly

  • Please show the valet the appointment that you are attending, which clearly labels that specific Hotel / Resort / Marina on the NannyPod App

  • Ensure your NannyPod decals are in your front window / rear window to help valet staff identify you. Carry some NannyPod business cards too.

  • If free valet parking is unavailable, ask for a discount, or park nearby and ask a staff member of the location to walk you to/from your vehicle

  • Under no circumstances use this perk if you do not have a childcare appointment as this compromises your integrity

If you have questions, please contact:

(843) 819-3840