Babysitters, Infant Night Nurses, Nanny Placements & Family Consults via App - Wichita KS

Childcare provided through NannyPod's app and your Local Area Manager in Wichita KS is the easiest hassle-free way for parents to get a break for a few hours. You can now have complete peace of mind knowing that a locally approved babysitter, nanny or infant night nurse will look after your children on date night, while you're at work, or even overnight.

  Babysitters, Infant Night Nurses, Nanny Placements & Family Consults Via App - Wichita KS
NannyPod gives me peace of mind. Reliable childcare has never been this easy.
— Carol S.

Family Fees

NannyPod has 3 Memberships plus Pay As You Go Fees for Childcare. The Pay As You Go childcare fees are clearly labeled on the app, and you are charged down to the exact minute. It's convenient and precise, so no more guessing on calculating pay! 

Family Membership Type 14 Day Hotel/Resort Guest Monthly Renewable Annually Renewable
Family $10 One Time $20 Recurring $180 Recurring (Save $60 over Monthly)


Babysitters & Infant Night Nurse Care

Looking for a Babysitter or Infant Night Nurse Care? All of the childcare staff on the NannyPod platform in Wichita KSare locally approved, so it really is safe, secure & reliable. Babysitters come in 5 Levels, (Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum). Infant Night Nurses are all fully qualified Registered Nurses (RNs). 

We love that a local person approved our babysitter before we sent requests via the app. It’s really safe and secure.
— Mary and John V.


Nanny Placements & Personal Family Consults

Looking for a local Family Consult in person to cover your exact infant / childcare needs or maybe find a Nanny in Wichita KSwho is matched to your family? Just request a Family Consults through the App once you are registered and have paid the membership fee.

We used the in-person Family Consult service to find a Nanny Match, which has worked out great!
— Lindsey & Dave W.


If you have any questions, please contact your NannyPod Local Area Manager:

Kevin N. Hedges

Wichita Childcare & Nanny Agency