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Filling Babysitter & Infant Care Appointments

  • LAM must have approved at least 20 Sitters / Registered Nurses locally via Workable

  • Email info@nannypod.com to have us set up your Sitters in MindBody

  • Families make requests by text message (click here for format), logging in via the website or MindBody App

  • Sitters must Clock In & Out, then Edit accordingly (see video here)

  • NannyPod HQ will handle all fees & pay

  • LAM is paid $2.50/Hr for each Sitter appointment filled (paid out quarterly)

  • LAM is paid $2.50/Hr for each Infant Care appointment filled (paid out quarterly)


Filling Nanny Placements / Matches

LAMs currently earn a bonus commission amount of $100 - $250 per family consult (100% instead of 50%). You earn 50% on annual family memberships. You keep 90% of all placement fees when you use NannyPod’s Nanny Agency software platform ($1350 minimum). Conditions apply.

  • Ensure client has purchased full price Annual Membership ($180)

  • Ensure client completed background check

  • Ensure client completes in-person Family Consult ($100 - $250) and you fill in BOTH Sections of the Family Consult Fact Finder; login to MindBody to set up / view / confirm these requests. ***IMPORTANT: Be sure to ONLY confirm requests for yourself, not any Sitters or other LAMs***

  • Clock In & Out for the Family Consult in MindBody. Choose Family Consult. See video here how staff clock in and out. Be sure to do this immediately after consult is completed.

  • Send additional Placement Fee DocuSign (Enter pertinent information that you have acquired from the Family Consult Fact Finder, especially your placement fee and the pay rate per hour. Placement Fees Range: 5% to 25%; Min. Fee $1500).

  • You will need to email info@nannypod.com in order for us to list the position in Workable. Please email us the position description in the consistent NannyPod format shown here: https://www.nannypod.com/positions .

  • You will need to list the job in HandShake youself. Copy and paste the exact same description from the Workable link we have created, and direct candidates to apply via that link, not internally via HandShake.

  • Ensure all candidates are fully approved (and emailed to vp@nannypod.com to be put on the app) before sending them to meet families. This is so they can be scheduled / requested for trial appointments with families via MindBody.

  • When the Placement/Match is completed get it confirmed in writing via email which candidate the family chose.

  • Then send family and nanny the additional Family-Nanny Agreement in DocuSign. *If they do not sign this, be sure to get a copy of any contract which is signed between the family and nanny.

  • Email info@nannypod.com with: full name of client, full name of nanny, annual salary or per hour rate, the percentage placement fee you agreed (e.g. 10%), the level and term, and a copy of Nanny-Family Agreement completed by both parties. You can download it in DocuSign. If family signs their own contract, be sure to get a copy from the nanny you placed and email that to us instead.

  • Recommend to family they handle all pay via this software: http://nannypay.com/


Approving Sitters for the App

Approving Parents for the App

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Social Media Policy & Recommendations

  • Set up and use your own social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest & SnapChat) under your own personal name, then connect with the NannyPod official social networks listed here.

  • Be sure to update your profiles as Local Area Manager (LAM) for NannyPod.

  • Connect with as many Mom's Groups, Babysitter Groups, Nanny Network Groups, Event Pages, Wedding Planners, Restaurants and other Local Businesses that you can.

  • Repost and share things regularly from the NannyPod pages (we create good quality professional content for you!)

  • Comment / Like / Share frequently showing some love for other local brands/businesses too!

*Please do not set up a new local social network using NannyPod in the profile name, which is not allowed, Thank you. You can use the NannyPod logo in your profile pictures though!


Nanny Agency Business Consults

Need some help? Schedule a Professional Business Consult with us for 30 minutes and we will guide you through the process.


If you have any questions, please contact:

(843) 819-3840


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