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Approving Sitters for the App

Approving a Parent for the App

  • When you receive an email with a clean background check, ensure their DocuSign is completed, then send the parent a text with your unique area's Invitation Code
  • You can get your unique Invitation Code by texting 843-819-3840
  • Never share your unique Invitation Code with anyone, especially non-members or parents who have not completed their background check
  • N.B. All LAMs currently receive copies of ALL background checks for safety and security. Hence, please look up the Parent / Family Client Profile to see if they're in your area before sending the Invitation Code by text. 

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Social Media Policy & Recommendations

  • Set up and use your own social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest & SnapChat) under your own personal name, then connect with the NannyPod official social networks listed here.
  • Be sure to update your profiles as Local Area Manager (LAM) for NannyPod.
  • Connect with as many Mom's Groups, Babysitter Groups, Nanny Network Groups, Event Pages, Wedding Planners, Restaurants and other Local Businesses that you can.
  • Repost and share things regularly from the NannyPod pages (we create good quality professional content for you!)
  • Comment / Like / Share frequently showing some love for other local brands/businesses too!

*Please do not set up a new local social network using NannyPod in the profile name, which is not allowed, Thank you. You can use the NannyPod logo in your profile pictures though!

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