Subscriber Requirements & Responsibilities

Subscriber Responsibilities When Doing Family Consults

Family Consults are done in-person. NannyPod USA Inc. encourages Subscribers to use the NannyPod Family Fact Finder, and approach each such appointment with an objective mindset. Always put the Family’s interests first, and guide them to what they need.

Attendance and Punctuality of Family Consults: Subscribers assume an obligation to provide punctual service to Families.  You are expected to be punctual and keep absences to a minimum.  Failure to report for a job you have accepted causes significant difficulty for NannyPod and its Clients and cannot be tolerated

Reporting Procedure: If you must be late for your Family Consult designated start ­time, it is your responsibility to personally contact the family as soon as you know you will be late, unless you are physically unable to do so. If you cannot call, have someone call for you.  You must notify NannyPod at least thirty (31) days in advance if you know you will be unavailable or unable to work for one or more consecutive weeks for whatever reason.

Appointment Cancellations: Should you need to cancel a scheduled Family Consult appointment, for any reason, a (48) hour notice of cancellation is due in writing via email to with your reason for cancelling the appointment. You must also cancel the appointment within your NannyPod calendar.

If you must cancel within the (48) hour time period, you must text message the Family as soon as you learn you need to cancel, and also cancel the appointment within your NannyPod calendar.  

Subscriber shall be free to work as many hours as she/he desires at times which she/he finds most conducive to her/his schedule. The hours of your scheduled work will largely be determined by the operational needs of the local Client family(ies) which have selected you or your Sitters to provide services. Some families will have regular schedules, which rarely change from week to week, and other families will have schedules that vary to meet the needs of that particular family. If a Subscriber has a specific schedule request, efforts may be made to accommodate that request, taking into account the operational needs of the family or NannyPod as a whole, including using Sitters from other Subscribers. However, in all events, Sitter work schedules and schedule changes are determined at the sole discretion of NannyPod.


Subscriber Responsibilities When Approving Sitters

  • Sitters are to provide care to and supervise children as each family deems appropriate and necessary.  Such general care includes preparing meals and feeding children (including preparing bottles), bathing the children, dressing the children (including changing diapers), performing housework related to child care (e.g. washing children’s clothes, cleaning up after children’s meals, tidying play areas) and transporting children to and from activities.  Subscribers must verify that Sitters are qualified in these areas, and can provide competent childcare.

  • NannyPod USA Inc. does not train Sitters to adhere to any certain child rearing/child development doctrine.

  • NannyPod encourages Subscribers to inform and outline to each Sitter general expected household policies and procedures for care of children.

  • Before locally approving each Sitter, Subscriber must first complete:

  • Background check (which must include criminal, sex offender registry, social security number check and driving record)

  • Random Drug Tests

  • Reference Checks

  • In-person interview

  • Identity verification by viewing the Sitter’s current valid Driving License


Additional Note on Advertising & Marketing

  • Subscriber agrees to only use the NannyPod logo in accordance with this agreement, and only for the duration of the agreement until terminated.  If you want to do any custom advertising including the NannyPod logo, you must submit it to us first for pre-approval by email to


If you have any questions, please contact:

(843) 819-3840