Software Platform Outline

(subject to change)

NannyPod USA Inc. provides the web-based system through which a Subscriber can recruit Sitters, approve them and then make them accessible to families (“Software Service”). NannyPod USA Inc. provides the web-based system through which a Subscriber can be paid automatically when families schedule care with approved Sitters, or in person family consults with Subscribers (“Software Service”). NannyPod USA Inc. provides the web-based system for Subscribers to help them run their business (“Software Service”). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Recruitment and Hiring Platform

  • Schedule Background Checks & Drug Tests

  • Sitter/Applicant Interview Appointment Scheduling & Syncing

  • Professional Business Consults*

  • The NannyPod App for Families & Sitters handling all on-demand Scheduling & Payments*

  • Website Contact Page (Listing)*

  • Website Landing Page* -

  • Email* -  

  • Electronic Signing of Documents Platform*

  • Online CPR Courses*

  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) Platform*

  • Online Ordering of Marketing Kits*

  • Digital Marketing*

  • Billing System where subscriber can view fees charged by NannyPod*


Payment of Sitters

  • NannyPod USA Inc. pays each Sitter directly per hour and minutes worked.

  • NannyPod USA Inc. does not reimburse the Sitter for expenses incurred by the Sitter while he or she is caring for children. The Family shall reimburse the Sitter for any such expenses which include, without limitation, entertainment, gas, and food.

Recruitment & Hiring*

  • NannyPod USA Inc. helps Subscribers recruit and hire nannies, night nurses and babysitters (each, a “Sitter” and collectively, “Sitters”) as independent contractors of NannyPod USA Inc.


  • NannyPod USA Inc. contracts with a third-party to conduct the below pre-employment screening.  Background searches in certain states, countries, or foreign jurisdictions may not be available.

  • SSN Trace/Address History —Validate the Social Security Number and identify where the applicant has lived.

  • Criminal History Search

  • Sex Offender Registry Search

  • Motor Vehicle Report (where allowed by law)

  • Education Verification

  • Verification of Previous Employment

  • Drug Testing


* Extra software features available upon request.

If you have any questions, please contact:

(843) 819-3840