Top 5 Reasons to Become a Local Area Manager

NannyPod is making it easier to earn money and grow a small business, without all of the overwhelming costs and insecurity of starting from scratch. Essentially you work as a connector, in a network of babysitters, night-nurses, and parents.

More and more people across the country are choosing to earn money through the NannyPod software - and they love what they do.

So who qualifies as a local area manager or local rep? Local area managers include: nanny agencies, child day care centers, preschools, stay-at-home moms, mom’s groups, babysitting groups, local suburban community associations and neighborhoods, entrepreneurs who want to run a business from home, and people who are looking to own a franchise without large capital reserves.

We put together the top 5 best parts of becoming a local area manager.

1. Work on Your Own Time


There is one currency that’s more valuable than money - and that’s time. The beauty of entrepreneurial-type work is that you can work around your schedule, and make money on-demand.

You work when the time is right for you. That could mean you’re working around-the-clock one week, and then taking it easy the next. Life happens, and there are ups and downs, and ebbs and flows of chaos. This is why flexibility is one of the most valuable qualities in a financial opportunity.

2. Enjoy Some Extra Money


Local area managers earn a 12.5% commission on price paid by family for babysitting appointments and night nurse infant care. Additionally they earn 50% commission on price paid by family for family consults.

The beauty of the local area manager model is that you can make a little or you can make a lot. It’s all up to you, depending on the time and energy that you have to invest.

If you have 10 families using infant night nurse care once a week for 8 hours, paying $30/hr - you can make and extra $15,600* a year. This is a fantastic supplemental income. Perhaps you have something big you’re saving for, or you’re wanting to slowly get back into working full-time. Or maybe you just simply enjoy more spending money!

Take that same equation, but say you have 50 families using babysitters, and 20 families using infant night nurse care and you’ve completed 4 nanny match consults per week - then you’re looking at $74,100*.

* See how we calculate these earnings here

3. Refine Your Business Skills


Another benefit of becoming a local area manager is the opportunity to develop and refine business skills.

You have guidance every step of the way, from free digital marketing, to marketing resources, and ongoing support and advice. The more experienced you become, the better your skills will be at one-on-one sales, brand marketing, and growing a business.

If you’ve considered starting your own business - this is a great opportunity to dip your toe in the entrepreneurial waters and get some practice being in charge!

4. Feel Good About What You Do


There are a million ways to make money out there, but not all of those opportunities are ones that you can feel really good about at the end of the day. Connecting families with trusted babysitters and night-nurses is doing an incredible service.

For any parent, the care of their child or family member is the most important thing in the world. You are making this process more comfortable, enjoyable and worry-free for them, and that is something really special.

5. Experience Unlimited Growth


We’re not always in control of our growth trajectory. Especially in a structured 9-5 job, where raises only loop around once a year (if you’re lucky), and “climbing that ladder” can feel more slow than it is steady.

As a local area manager, you get to take control of your own path. If you are a self-motivated and driven person, you’ll do well with this opportunity.

Curious to learn more about becoming a local area manager or local rep? Click here.


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