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We are the fastest growing tech driven nanny agency and childcare business software platform with the best policies and procedures to help you run your company. Become part of our network today!

⭐️ Keep Your Nanny Agency or Market Under NannyPod ⭐️

Choose to keep your existing Nanny Agency and co-brand with us, or just market under the NannyPod brand. Whichever way you go, we will help you grow and operate more efficiently. You are also likely to earn more:

  • 50% Commission on Family Annual Memberships

  • 90% Commission on Family Consults

  • 90% Commission on Long Term Childcare Nanny Placement Retainer Fees

  • 90% Commission on Long Term Childcare Nanny Placements (min. $1350)

  • 10% Commission on Short Term Childcare (Date-night Sitters & Infant Care)

  • Bonuses*

  • Unlimited growth potential

*Current Bonus: Earn 100% Commission ($100 - $250) for all in-person Family Consults. Conditions apply.

⭐️ The Best Nanny Agency Fee Structure ⭐️
We have a flexible fee structure to make it easy for you and your clients:

Family Consult Fees: $100 - $250

Retainer Fees: $100 - $10,000

Placement Fees: 5% - 25% of Nanny’s Annual Salary

Family Membership Fees: $10 (one-time 14 day), $20 (monthly) or $180 (yearly)

⭐️ The Best Nanny & Sitter Recruitment Platform ⭐️
Whether you are trying to fill a short term childcare role or long term nanny match position, our clever recruitment platform immediately pushes the application out to Google Jobs, Yahoo Jobs, Bing, Indeed, GlassDoor,, LinkedIn, Facebook Jobs and more!

⭐️ The Best Nanny Agency Co-Branding Available ⭐️

Got an existing childcare business or Nanny Agency? Co-brand it with NannyPod and benefit from our multiple location credibility.

Traditional Nanny Agency Annual Cost NannyPod Annual Cost
Website & Domain Registration $230 Included
Professional Email $50 Included
Recruitment Platform $500 Included
E-Sign Contracts $250 Included
Calendar Sync Interviews $96 Included
Group Text / Email App $948 Included
Email Marketing Software $600 Included
Local Digital Marketing / SEO $600 Included
Accounting / Bookkeeping Software $240 Included
Family CRM Software $240 Included
On-demand Scheduling App $2000 Being Redeveloped
Legal Contracts $2000 - $4000 Included
Total Annual Cost (Lowest) $7954 $1200
Savings As A Local Area Manager $6754
NannyPod USA Inc. Nanny Agency Software App Business Babysitters, Infant Night Nurses, Nanny Placements & Family Consults USA

Our Software Users include:

  • Nanny Agencies

  • Child Day Care Centers

  • Pre-Schools

  • Stay-at-Home Moms / SAHMs / Soccer Moms

  • Moms Groups

  • Babysitting Groups

  • Teachers

  • Nurses

  • College Students with Medical or Education focus

  • Local Suburban Community Associations / Neighborhoods

  • Entrepreneurs who want to run a business from home

  • People looking to own a franchise* without large capital reserves

*NannyPod is not a franchise. We are a technology platform which provides the simplest software for you to operate your childcare business combined with best practices and procedures.

Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | District of Columbia | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky | Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming

Easy To Use Software Platform & App

NannyPod has an easy-to-use Software Platform to source quality Nannies, Babysitters and Infant Night Nurses. Our software users are in charge of Family Consults, Nanny Placements and which Sitters are approved to be the on the NannyPod App locally. You will also be listed online as an official Local Area Manager and tech driven Nanny Agency. You earn income from membership fees, and from sitters each time they work, infant care appointments, family consults, retainer fees, and nanny placements. NannyPod's full software platform includes:

Website Landing Page | NannyPod Email | Hiring Platform | Background Check Functionality | Automated Electronic Signing of Documents | Drug Test Scheduling Functionality | Online CPR Courses | Calendar Syncing | Portal for Scheduling & Automatic Charging of Fees & Payments | Group Text & Email App | Local Digital Marketing | Use of NannyPod Logo on your Website | Nanny Placement Leads | Legal Documents | Accounting & Bookkeeping Platform | CRM Platform

NannyPod USA Inc. Nanny Agency Software App Business Babysitters, Infant Night Nurses, Nanny Placements & Family Consults USA


Fees for Software Users

Option 1 - Basic Limited Software Platform

  • $99 One-time set up fee

  • $99 Monthly or $600 Yearly (saves $594)

  • Includes: Family Registration and Membership Fee Portal*, Family Background Check Portal, Family Consult Scheduling App & Website, Fee Payment Portal (for Family Consults, Retainers and Placement Fees), Nanny Agency Listing In App and Automated Leads for your Childcare Business / Nanny Agency.

Option 2 - Full Software Platform (Run Your Entire Childcare Business)

  • $299 One-time set up fee

  • $149 Monthly or $1200 Yearly (saves $588) Software Fee

  • Includes everything in Option 1

  • Local Website Page, Professional Email, Hiring Platform, Electronic Document Signing, Calendar Synching, CRM Client Management System, Digital Marketing, On-demand App for Parents & Staff handling all Scheduling & Payments (coming soon!), Nanny Placement Leads and Legal Documents

  • $550 or $850 Marketing Kits to help you jump start your business

  • $35 Background Check Fees on applicants approved by you (+ State overcharges if applicable which run $2 to $15+/-)

  • $35 Drug Test Fees (We recommend to choose a random Sitter every 3 months)

  • $30 Business Consulting Fees (optional)

*Please note that a Family Membership is obligatory for each family who registers. We can provide custom discount coupons and promotions for your childcare business. We make the membership mandatory as every family who registers is background checked for your safety. This is also a good business practice!

Need Capital?

If you need help with capital to run your childcare business, try starting a GoFundMe page! 

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Why Use Our nanny Agency & Software Platform?

  • Commissions on NannyPod Membership Fees

  • Commissions on every Family Consult (usually leads to a Nanny Placement)

  • Commissions on Retainer Fees

  • Commissions on Nanny Placements

  • Commissions for on-demand Babysitter / Nanny appointments

  • Commissions for on-demand Night Nurse Infant Care appointments

  • Marketing help across the internet

  • Parents love NannyPod because they can always speak to a local person

  • Nannies / Sitters love NannyPod because it's safe and convenient

  • Nanny Agencies love NannyPod because it's organized, simple & easy

  • All in one best technology solution to run a Nanny Agency, save on costs & get paid more automatically

  • Approved by over 500 Universities & Colleges to post jobs

  • Co-brand your existing Nanny Agency with NannyPod


Marketing to Jump Start Your Business

Digital Marketing (Free/Included with Option 2): We ensure that NannyPod is pushed out across all digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo & Bing to help you get local Applicants & Families in your area.

Advanced Marketing Booklet (Free/Included with Option 2): Full of unique marketing ideas to help you grow fast so you can build up your income.

Guide to Business Success Booklet (Free/Included with Option 2): Several pages of key tips to help ensure you run your business correctly.

Ongoing Support & Advice ($30 for 30 Minutes Option 1 or Option 2): Set a professional business consult with us about anything you need regarding your Nanny Agency, Childcare Center, growing local users of NannyPod or anything else that comes to mind. We are here to help!

Marketing Kit #1 ($850 Option 2 Only): 2 Car Magnets, 100 Fridge Magnets, 30 T-shirts, 500 Flyers for Parents, 500 Flyers to recruit Sitters, 500 Manager Business Cards, 500 Sitter Business Cards, 100 ‘Uber style’ decals for the front & rear car windows. 

Marketing Kit #2 ($550 Option 2 Only): 2 Car Magnets, 50 Fridge Magnets, 15 T-shirts, 250 Flyers for Parents, 250 Flyers to recruit Sitters, 250 Manager Business Cards, 250 Sitter Business Cards, 100 ‘Uber style’ decals for the front & rear car windows.

Additional Marketing Items: Choose additional marketing items via our VistaPrint store and pay for them individually as and when you need them, after you have purchased either Marketing Kit#1 or Marketing Kit#2 (Option 2 Only).

NannyPod USA Inc. Nanny Agency Software App Business Babysitters, Infant Night Nurses, Nanny Placements & Family Consults USA

 If you have any questions, please contact:

(843) 819-3840