Cost-Effective Ways to Get Ready for a New Baby

If you’ve received the news that you’re having a baby — congratulations! Having a child will change your life forever in the best ways. That said, you’ve probably heard about how expensive it is to have a baby. You may even be worried sick. But here’s the deal: It doesn’t have to drain your bank account. You can save money and give your baby the best care possible. Here are some budget-friendly ways to prepare for your baby’s arrival.

Don’t Fall for the Trap 

This first tip is a critical one — don’t believe the idea that you need all new stuff for your baby. Also, don’t think you need all of the products out there. Sure, some new products live up to the marketing and can prove to be priceless, but a lot of the things you may think you need will never get used. Once you get into the flow of parenting, you will realize that you can do just fine with some diapers, clothes, bottles, formula/breast milk and some other essential items. 

Revisit Your Closet

When it comes to your clothes, the same philosophy applies. You can get all new stuff, but you don’t have to. Before you go shopping, take a deep look into your closet. You may be surprised by how many pieces you already own that could be used as maternity clothes. For instance, if you have any items that are knit and stretchy, such as dresses or shirts, you may be able to wear them for some (if not all) of your pregnancy. 

Shop Major Retailers Online

If you do need to get some new pieces, you can find great deals on maternity wear at major retailers. For example, Macy’s has an extensive selection of casual and professional maternity clothes, and if you shop through their online store, you’re likely to find deeper discounts. Plus, you can typically find Macy’s coupons and cashback offers to save even more money.

Say Yes to Hand-Me-Downs

There seems to be a stigma attached to used baby items, and in many cases, it’s unwarranted. You can get most of the things you’ll need for your baby from other parents who no longer need them. This is especially true of items like clothes, toys, and books that you will only use for a few months. In fact, parents are happy to get rid of baby stuff they don’t use, as it opens up space in their home. If you ask around, you can probably even find some of the most expensive items that are in perfectly good condition; just make sure there hasn’t been a recall on the item. 

Start a Baby Registry

There are obviously some things you will need to get new, such as diapers, bottles, pacifiers, a breast pump, and breast pads. However, before you go on a shopping spree, consider creating a baby registry on Amazon, as it has clothes, formula, and every other kind of baby item you can think of. People love to buy things for babies, and with a registry, all they have to do is choose an item (or four) off of a list and click a few times. 

Confirm Your Medical Payments Early

Finally, you don’t want to be shocked by your medical bills. Ask your hospital, birthing center, and/or health clinic for a rundown of all the required payments — from your first appointment up to the delivery — and figure out what your insurance will cover. There may still be some unexpected charges accrued by the time you leave the hospital with your new baby, but knowing roughly what to budget for can save you some stress.

Having a baby is a magical experience, and it shouldn’t be a severe financial burden. Search your closet for anything that could be used as maternity clothing, and if you need new clothes, be sure to look online at retailers like Macy’s. Also, gladly accept hand-me-downs, open a baby registry online, and make sure you have an idea of what your hospital payments will be. Most of all, take a deep breath and enjoy this special time. 

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