Top Kids Christmas Gifts by Age for 2017

It can be tough keeping up with what kids are interested in playing with from year to year - especially in the younger years from age 3-7 when they change so drastically from one year to the next! Here are a few gift ideas for Christmas 2017 to give you a little head start on the season. 

1. Age 3

  • LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart
    Age range (2-5 years)
    Price $39.99
    A whimsical ice cream cart that is fun for "make believe" role-play, as well as learning flavors, colors, and numbers. 
  • The "Land of Nod's" Wild Animal Sleeping Bags
    Age Range (3+) 
    Price $99
    These are the sweetest little sleeping bags that your 3-year-old can use and grow into for several years. You can choose from a zebra, fox, dinosaur, penguin, or puppy. Perfect for overnights at the grandparents, or camping out in the living room. 
  • Kardboard Kingdom
    Age Range (3+)
    Price $40
    From Box Creations, the Kardboard Kingdom is an easy to assemble playhouse made of cardboard. Complete with tunnels, a courtyard, and interior play space, this is the perfect gift for a wild imagination. 

2. Age 4

  • Skip Hop Zoo Pack
    Age Range (3+)
    Price $20
    These little backpacks are not only totally adorable, but are a great way to allow your kids to express their individuality. There are dozens of different ones to choose from, and will make packing up for school and car trips a little bit more fun. 
  • Eco Dough
    Age Range (4+)
    Price $20
    We all love a good playdough session, and Eco Dough brings all of the fun with less of the chemicals. Made from natural ingredients, which are better for the environment, and better for the kids to be handling!  
  • Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey
    Age Range (3+)
    Price $17.99 or $90 for all six
    These little monkeys help teach young kids how to care for a pet and be a good friend. They are interactive, and respond to being rocked to sleep, hung upside down, talked to, and pet! Good for little animal lovers. 

3. Age 5

  • Temporary Animal Hand Tattoos
    Price $12
    Including a variety of different animals and monsters, these hand tattoos are a fun twist on the traditional temporary tattoo. Perfect for a sleepover or kid's party. Easy to apply and non-toxic. 
  • Build-A-Bear Stuffing Station
    Age Range (4+)
    Price $30
    Bring the fun of Build-A-Bear Workshop home! The kit includes materials for 2 "furry friends" with accessories, t-shirts, birth certificates, and easy instructions. 
  • FurReal Friends
    Age Range (4+)
    Price $30-$130
    FurReal pets are one of the biggest trends in kid's toys in 2017! The pets are interactive, and have different sounds as well as sound-motion combinations. These toys are perfect for teaching children how to care for and take care of a pet. 

4. Age 6

  • Hatchimals
    Age Range (3+)
    Price $3-$30
    Hatchimals are "collEGGtible" little critters that hatch from an egg! So it is a fun surprise finding out which hatchimal you get each time. The hatchimal "world" has a lot of additional activities, including coloring book downloads, activity books, and videos and games online. 
  • Kiwi Crate
    Age Range (5-8)
    Price - Monthly box subscription ($19 a month, or cheaper if you pay for 3, 6, 12 months) 
    We've heard of subscription boxes for adults (Stitch Fix, Birchbox, Le Tote, etc.) but this is a uniquely crafted box for kids! The Kiwi Crate is for ages 5-8 and encourages STEAM (Science, Engineering, Art, Math) learning, creativity, and exploration. Each box comes with a "Maker Project," Creative Learning Materials, an "explore!" Magazine, and Online DIY Ideas. 
  • Root Vue Farm
    Age Range (4+)
    Price $40
    This visual garden, let's your little gardner plant root vegetables and watch them grow. Fun and educational, they'll learn how to plant, water, and pick the vegetables!

5. Age 7

  • VTech Kidizoom Action Cam
    Age Range (4-9)
    Price $40
    Kids love taking photos - we know this from our maxed out storage on our iPhones! - and this vtech camera is made for kids, allowing them to take videos and photos and get creative. It comes with a USB cord, so you can upload and share with family and friends. 
  • Rory's Story Cubes
    Age Range 6+
    Price $12-25
    This game will bring out your kids' wildest imagination and creativity - and it's fun for adults too, so it's the perfect game to play during family night. You roll the rice, which have different icons on them, and create imaginative stories based on the characters and things you roll. 
  • Selfie Mic Music Set
    Age Range (7+)
    Price $20
    We're in the age of "Selfie's" and we might as well embrace it! This app/music set combo allows the kids to connect a microphone and selfie stick to a phone, and record themselves singing and rocking out! Perfect for the musically-inclined to explore their talents and break out of their shell. 

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