5 New Years Traditions to Start with Your Kids

Traditions are a special and important part of being a family. The memories you create will stay with your kids long after they grow up or grow out of them. There are so many classic Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions, but not many New Years Traditions that are family-friendly. So we've put together 5 ideas for starting a new "New Years Tradition" with your kids. 

1. Make a Memory Jar 


This tradition is simple and fun, with barely any money or creativity required! On New Years Eve, get the family together to write down your favorite memories of the year, then add them to a specially labeled jar (2016, 2017, 2018, etc.). Every year from now on you'll be able to reflect on memories you may have forgotten otherwise. 

Plus - if you start when the kids are young, their answers will be extra sweet and funny years down the road. 

2. Recreate a Funny Family Photo


This has been a trend the past few years and we absolutely love it. If you have a photo of the whole family that everybody likes, (bonus points for being funny) try recreating it every year on New Years Eve. It'll be cool to have photo documentation each year as the kids grow and change. 

If you don't already have a beloved family photo that is easy to recreate - just take a new one this year! Maybe everyone gets a matching set of pajamas. The goofier the better in our opinion. 

3. Mark Each Kid's Height on the Wall


This is an age-old tradition, and for good reason. It is a sweet and sentimental way to literally mark your children's growth over the years. Some families do this on birthdays, but we think New Years is a fun time to ceremoniously observe how much they've grown. 

You can use a bedroom wall, or find some cool wall art (especially if you might move in the next few years). 

4. Yearly Questionnaire 


Kids love exploring and redefining their identity year after year. This year it's all about dinosaurs and the color blue. Next year it's all about karate and the color orange. These are treasured memories of hobbies and favorites that can be hard to keep track of. This is why we love this "questionnaire" tradition. 

Find an "about me" questionnaire or survey online (or make up your own), and have the kids fill them out every year on New Years Eve. They'll have fun answering all of the questions, and you'll have a box of memories for years to come. 

5. Pick out a Book


If you've got little bookworms in your family, this is the perfect tradition for you. Every New Years, grab some coffee, take the kids to the bookstore. Make an afternoon of it, let them browse, and pick out one book to take home. You can set aside a special shelf on a bookcase for their "New Years Books," and watch the collection grow with every new year. 

Tip: Write a little note on the inside cover of the book with the date and a sweet sentiment. 

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