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Check out these helpful videos for Families and NannyPod Staff. Got questions? Just give us a call on 843 819 3840 or send us an email to .

for Clients

What We Do Video - Hassle-free babysitters, nannies & night nurses across Charleston SC

How To Register As A Family - Get started using our Charleston SC Sitter Service

Pricing Video - 3 easy ways to pay for our Charleston SC babysitters & nannies

Pay In Advance & Pay Monthly Video - How to buy NannyPod hours 

Requesting Babysitters Online Video - Nannies and babysitters on-demand

MindBody App Video - Request babysitters in Charleston SC using your mobile

How To Choose The Date & Time First - Babysitters on-demand in Charleston SC


Videos for Sitters, Nannies and Night Nurses

Apply As A Babysitter / Nanny / Night Nurse in Charleston SC

How To Set Your Availability and Unavailability 

How To Confirm Appointments

How To Clock In / Clock Out

How To Edit Your Time Clock - Get paid down to the minute you work

NannyPod Editing Your Time Clock


If you have further Questions after viewing all videos, please contact:

(843) 819-3840

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