7 Playful Activities that Encourage STEM Learning

STEM Learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is incredibly important for young minds and helps develop, early on, a variety of problem-solving skills and methods of strategic thinking. There are so many activities that spark this type of STEM learning that are also fun for kids, thus building a positive foundation for their education as they continue to grow.

So, let’s get creative, put on our thinking caps, and maybe get a little messy!

6 Musical Activities for Kids (that Spark Developmental Learning)

Exposing children to music is beneficial in many ways, beyond just having fun or learning an instrument. Musical learning covers a variety of skill sets, from critical thinking to hand-eye coordination. Additionally, it encourages creativity, unique personal expression, and collaborative teamwork!

5 Ways Running Your Own NannyPod will Supercharge Your Business

The NannyPod mission is to provide Nanny Agencies with a software platform and App to help them run their business efficiently. Through this better business model, you can ensure that families receive safe and reliable childcare and that qualified sitters, nannies, and registered nurses get more opportunities to connect with those families.

12 Ways to Thank Your Nanny - National Nanny Recognition Week 2018

Take a few minutes to thank the people who help raise your children. National Nanny Recognition Week is September 23rd - 29th 2018!

  1. Create a thank you message and post it on social media.

  2. Give an unexpected bonus

  3. Make a homemade gift

  4. Surprise your nanny with breakfast when she arrives.

  5. Encourage your nanny to pursue her professional education by paying for nanny certifications.

  6. Pick up her favorite snacks so she can indulge whenever she needs a pick-me-up.

  7. Present her with a gift card based on her likes or interests, to show you pay attention.

  8. Give her an extra paid day where she can catch up on her to-do list.

  9. Show that you value her professionalism and sponsor her membership to the International Nanny Association for $35. 

  10. Send her to the spa with a gift certificate and let her know that since she spends so much time taking care of others, this is her day to care for herself.

  11. Pay for a nice manicure and pedicure if the full spa is too pricey.

  12. Give the nanny an afternoon off, where she gets to finish early.

NannyPod National Nanny Recognition Week 2018.png

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