How to Streamline Your Nanny Agency with Software

If you're running your nanny agency without a software system like NannyPod, you're letting opportunity slip through the cracks. Not only will technology streamline your workload and boost efficiency, but it also drives more business and more profitability for you and your agency. The name of the game with software is return on investment (ROI). Instead of buying all of the tools that you need to run a successful agency separately, NannyPod allows you to operate a one-stop-shop. 

So, whats the scoop with NannyPod, and how will it improve my agency? 


NannyPod Makes it Easy to Earn Money from On-demand Babysitters with a Software Platform & App

As an agency, you can become a Local Area Manager with NannyPod, giving you access to the software and app. You use the platform to source high-quality babysitters (or infant night-nurses) for your agency. You are in complete control of who is approved! 

Once you have your sitters plugged into the system, you earn a percentage of commission income every time they work. They get better visibility and access to clients, and you get a percentage of the profit. Win-win! 

An Easy, Seamless Experience for Everyone Involved


These days, the expectation for any transaction is easy and fast. There is no reason to wait 4 days for a check to clear, because apps like Venmo will directly transfer money immediately. So, why should paying for a sitter be any different? 

Parents love NannyPod because they have a list of available, background-checked sitters right at their fingertips, and they can pay with the click of a button. Safe, and convenient. 

As a Local Area Manager, you also enjoy the ease-of-use, convenience of working with a flexible schedule, and getting paid automatically. NannyPod's software has everything you need to efficiently run your business. 

What Does the Software Package Include? 

  • Website Landing Page

  • NannyPod Email

  • Hiring Platform

  • Background Checks Functionality

  • Automated Electronic Signing of Documents

  • Drug Test Scheduling Functionality

  • Online CPR Courses

  • Calendar Syncing

  • NannyPod App (Scheduling & Automatic Charging of Fees & Payments)

  • Group Text & Email App

  • Local Digital Marketing

  • Use of NannyPod Logo on your Website

  • Nanny Placement Leads

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Platform (coming soon!)

Marketing Services are included as well! You will receive FREE digital marketing, an advanced marketing booklet, and a 'guide to business' booklet. You have options for additional services as well, including: NannyPod marketing kits, marketing items, and ongoing support & professional advice. 

Let's Talk $$$

The way that you earn money through the NannyPod software is through commissions. 

  • Family Memberships = 50% commission on price paid by Family

  • Family Consults = 50% commission on price paid by Family

  • Nanny Placements = 90% commission; choose fee of 5%, 7.5% or 10% of Nanny's Salary (min. $1350) paid by the Family

  • Babysitting Appointments = 12.5% commission on price paid by Family

  • Night Nurse Infant Care = 12.5% commission on price paid by Family

  • Special Bonuses

The amount that you earn is dependent on (A) the number of sitters/nurses you have in your system, (B) how many hours they're working, (C) how many Family Consults you're doing and (D) how many Nanny Placements you complete. 

This is the real beauty of being a Local Area Manager... the flexibility! You are in control of how much you're working and earning. Income from the NannyPod software could amount to some extra money on the side ($5,000-$20,000 a year), or, it could amount to a full-time income! 

For example: If you had 50 families using Babysitters, 20 families using Infant Night Nurse Care, completed 4 Nanny Match Consults per week and 2 Nanny Placements per month, your annual income would be $145,200.

How do I Start?

Click Here if you're interested in using the NannyPod software. Or email with further questions. 



NannyPod provides long term nanny matches and short term occasional date-night babysitters and infant care on demand, at an affordable price. Our service is convenient, safe and secure for families and our staff. Parents can request childcare instantly by using the NannyPod app. Get started with NannyPod today and find babysitters or nannies for your childcare needs!

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