3 Ways this Technology Will Help Your Nanny Agency Make More Money

1. User-Friendly Tech (that consumers demand)


Let’s face it, every good and service is driven by tech these days. Consumers want a tech-based model for almost everything, child-care included! If a parent can find a trusted resource online, with an app and easy-to-use technology, they’re going to work with that agency! Families and nannies alike enjoy the simple and efficient system for payments and scheduling.

If you fall into one of the following categories, you might want to consider using NannyPod software to grow your business: Nanny Agencies, Child Day Care Centers, Pre-Schools, Parents, Stay-at-Home Moms (SAHMs), Stay-at-Home Dads (SAHDs), Moms Groups, Dads Groups, Babysitting Groups, Teachers, Nurses, Students with Medical or Education focus, Local Suburban Community Associations / Neighborhoods, Entrepreneurs who want to run a business from home, People looking to own a franchise without large capital reserves, Sitters, Nannies and Infant Care Specialists.

2. Supercharged Marketing


NannyPod operates as a partner in your success. The entire system is designed to help your business grow and to allow you to better serve your clients. This is why when your agency partners with NannyPod, you gain access to incredibly useful marketing materials to drive your success.

Digital marketing is essential (and incredibly tricky to do on your own!) for the success of any business these days. NannyPod helps get your name out across a variety of the most effective digital channels, including; Google (AdWords), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo & Bing. You also have access to more advanced marketing strategies for growing your business, building a sustainable income, and running your business more smoothly.

3. Streamlined Logistics (let us handle the boring stuff)


When your nanny agency partners with NannyPod technology, the logistical details seem a lot less daunting. All nannies, sitters, and nurses are fully background checked and driving record checked, allowing a sense of security for you as an agency, as well as the families using your nanny services.

Finances are streamlined, taking the guesswork out of getting paid. This is appealing for all parties involved as you can schedule and pay down to the minute, with the NannyPod app. Every feature of this technology allows you to position yourself as a beneficial agency for nannies, sitters and nurses to work with -- giving you a leg up on the competition! (More $$)

Curious to Learn More?

The NannyPod network of Nanny Agencies earn money in several ways:

  • Family Consults

  • Long Term Childcare Nanny Placement Search & Retainer Fees

  • Long Term Childcare Nanny Placement Fees

  • Short Term Childcare (Date-night / One-Time / Occasional Appointments)

  • Short Term Infant Care (Night Time / Day Time / Occasional Specialized Baby Care Appointments)

  • Unlimited growth potential

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NannyPod provides long term nanny matches and short term occasional date-night babysitters and infant care on demand, at an affordable price. Our service is convenient, safe and secure for families and our staff. Parents can request childcare instantly by using the NannyPod app. Get started with NannyPod today and find babysitters or nannies for your childcare needs!

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