Our "We Care" Approach  


NannyPod was created to support all Sitters, Nannies and Infant Care Nurses! We care about your general well being in lots of ways. For example, NannyPod background checks families for your safety. We ensure you get paid accurately, even overnight and in the event of last minute cancelled appointments. We also recommend to families to have a written contract and offer every matched Nanny:

  • Paid Time Off (PTO)

  • Paid Sick Time Off (PSTO)

  • Unpaid Time Off (UPTO)

We understand that sometimes it's hard to find work, or you are sick, and can't work! We do our best to find safe reliable families, and replacements when you can't make it. If you need to talk to someone, about anything work related, business related or personal, or just to get a second opinion, NannyPod is here to help. Please do give us a ring!

Do You Owe NannyPod For Your Background Check Fee?

When you apply to NannyPod we cover your background check fees and any random drug tests in full. However, if you end up working less than 25 hours in total for NannyPod, then we have to charge you for your background check. We like to give all sitters and nannies two options:

Option 1 - Return To NannyPod (No Fee)

Come back to NannyPod today and work at least 25 hours so we do not have to bill you for your background check (usually $35+/-). Please send us an email today to info@nannypod.com so we can keep you active with our new higher pay rates. Please be sure to start responding to appointment requests immediately. Thank you.

Option 2 - Leave NannyPod (Pay Your Background Check Fee)

Pay your background check fee using the link below. Please send us an email today to info@nannypod.com so we can tell you the exact amount you owe, thank you. You can then pay the amount online via PayPal below.

*If you pay your Background Check and any Drug Test fees, and you subsequently return to NannyPod at a later date, we will reimburse you the fee when you have worked at least 25 hours. We usually give you a full 12 months to work at least 25 hours.

You only have 7 days to get in touch, so please email us right now. Thank you. 

Pay Your Balance

When you know your balance, just click the link below and enter the amount to pay. Thank you.

Click The PayPal Logo Below

If you have questions, please contact:

(843) 819-3840