Search and Placement Fees for Long Term Childcare Matches - Part Time and Full Time Nannies

Matched Nannies are available via your Local Area Manager on a Search Fee and Placement Fee basis. Please enquire directly to your LAM with any questions. Thank you. 

Fees: Membership + Family Consult Fee + Search Fee + Placement Fee

Fee Type Cost
Membership (required) $180 Annually or $20 Monthly
Family Consult Fee (required) $100
Search Fee (required and lasts 6 months) $250
Placement Fee (required only if you employ a NannyPod candidate) $250
Background Check Fees (highly recommended but optional per your request on each NannyPod candidate) $50 + Local County / State Fees if applicable

Definition of Fees

Membership Fee: Allows family access to both long term childcare (nanny placements) and short term childcare (date night sitters / one time nannies / back up care)

Family Consult Fee: Allows NannyPod to identify the exact childcare needs of your family so we can create an accurate custom job link for applicants and search for a great nanny

Search Fee: We create a custom job link lasting 6 months with an exact description of your needs to find great candidates across the internet including, Google Jobs, Yahoo Jobs, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, GlassDoor, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and more! We also email the job link to our whole network of over 4500+ childcare providers!

Placement Fee: Incentivizes NannyPod to solve your nanny match which is due upon selection of a candidate.

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Nannies, provided through NannyPod, are the easiest hassle-free way for parents to get reliable consistent childcare. You can now have complete peace of mind knowing that a locally matched nanny will look after your children on a regular basis, even throughout the night when needed. You can also request our approved Nannies on a one-time basis for back up childcare or a date night appointment, if they're available outside of their matched family.

My daughter asks me if Carrie can take her to the aquarium. Having a Matched Nanny helps me and my husband keep the family organized—we love it!”
— Melissa B.


Matched Nannies

Recommendations & Requirements Part-Time Nanny Full-Time Nanny
Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze or Copper Pay Grade Level Yes Yes
4 Hour Appointment Minimum Recommended Yes Yes
20 Hours/Week Recommended Yes N/A
40 Hours/Week Recommended N/A Yes
2 Weeks In Advance Scheduling Recommended Yes Yes
2, 6, 12 or 24 Month Contract Recommended Yes Yes
31 Day Termination Notice Recommended Yes Yes
Membership + Family Consult + Search Fee + Placement Fee Required Yes Yes

How Qualify & Find Nannies

All of our approved full time and part time Nannies have paid childcare experience, in addition to a selection of other qualifications.  

Salary Pay Grade Highest Medium-High Medium Medium-Low Lowest
Experience CPR + Other Qualifications CPR + Other Qualifications CPR + Other Qualifications CPR + Other Qualifications CPR + Other Qualifications
Recommended Demographics Average City Income Above $100K Average City Income Above $85K Average City Income Above $70K Average City Income Above $55K Average City Income Above $40K

Other Qualifications May Include: First Aid | CPR Certified | Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) | Neo-natal Resuscitation Program Certification (NRP) | Pediatric Emergency Assessment Recognition & Stabilization Certification (PEARS) | International Nanny Association Member (INA) | Childcare Related Undergraduate Degree | Childcare Related Graduate Degree | Registered Nurse Qualification (RN) | Languages | Teacher Experience

Sourced: Via a variety of different recruitment portals including Google Jobs, Yahoo Jobs, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Glassdoor and more!

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Family Consults

Family Consults in person with one of our staff are a pre-requisite when looking for a long term childcare Nanny Match. We will identify your exact infant / childcare needs.  You can easily request a consult by text message to 843 819 3840, online or through the app once you are registered and have paid the membership fee.

If you have further questions about long term childcare matched nannies or nanny placements, please contact your Local Area Manager or NannyPod Headquarters:

(843) 819-3840

*Membership, Family Consult, Search Fee & Placement Fee are required for all long term childcare nanny matches, thank you.