Win the Nanny Interview With families


Please read the below points carefully so that you are in the best position to win your interview with families when competing for long term nanny jobs.

  • Watch the news a few days in advance as parents like people who are aware of what’s going on in the world. We’d recommend NPR, Bloomberg, BBC World News or The Economist. Try following them on Twitter for headlines!

  • Look up the family profile well in advance so that you know everything about them.

  • Read the job description carefully.

  • Be On Time - The only way is to be early so plan to be in the area 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time; drive by the home so that you know exactly where to be 5-10 minutes before the interview!

  • Have the job description and client profile in front of you during the interview

  • Make notes about what the parents ask and their precise needs on your phone / laptop / tablet which demonstrates that you are well organized; Don’t use pen and paper, it shows that you’re out of date!

  • Be well presented (clean your shoes, clean your car, tie your hair, wear some light make up, nail polish and put on something presentable).

  • Interact with the children if they’re present.

  • Ask some open ended questions e.g. How do you feel about taking the children to the park to release some energy? What’s your opinion on kid’s snacks, any restrictions? Any specific thoughts on electronic devices versus ‘real toys’?

  • Leave a business card with your name on it.

  • Send them a short concise email after the interview thanking them for considering you and that you enjoyed meeting their family.

Winning the nanny interview is not rocket science, however following our simple tips will certainly put you above the rest. Good luck!

If you have questions, please contact:

(843) 819-3840

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