Get IRS Tax Credits For Childcare Expenses  

NannyPod makes getting IRS Tax Credits for your childcare expenses super easy! You can view all of your childcare expenses just by logging into your account online. You can then submit this payment history with your taxes each year to apply for IRS Childcare Tax Credits. We even send you a reminder every January!

  • Save money on Childcare expenses

  • Reduce your taxes

  • No-hassle reporting

  • Get up to $2100 in Childcare Tax Credits for 2019

NannyPod Childcare Tax Credit Example

  • A married couple with 2 children books a Copper Level Sitter Appointment at $15/hr for 4 hours ($60) twice per week for 50 weeks.

  • Total cost is $6000 for 400 hours of babysitting over 50 weeks.

  • Couple receives $1200 tax credit.

  • The real cost is now $4800 for 400 hours of babysitting over 50 weeks.

  • The real rate per hour the family paid is: $4800 / 400 hours = $12/hr

Read the official IRS Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit link here. 

During 2019, You can claim up to $3000 in expenses for one child, and $6000 for two children or more. You, or your qualified CPA, will need to file IRS form 2441 with your tax return and follow the IRS eligibility rules. You will need the NannyPod EIN which is 47-2093535. The NannyPod USA Inc. Tax Id (EIN) # is 81-3579512. Don’t forget to keep all NannyPod receipts for your tax records!

Families can easily request all of our services online / via app once you are registered and have paid the membership fee.



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