Software Pricing*

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$299 Set Up Fee (one-time)

One-time initial Set Up fee to NannyPod USA Inc. (“Set Up Fee”).  The Set Up Fee is a one time two hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($299.00).


$149 Monthly or $1200 Yearly Software Fee (recurring)

A recurring Software Fee to NannyPod USA Inc. (“Software Fee”).  The Software Fee is one hundred and forty nine dollars ($149.00) per month paid in advance, or twelve hundred dollars ($1200) per annum, paid in advance. A 31 Day cancellation notice is required in advance in writing to on the Annual or Monthly Software Fee.


$550 or $850 Marketing Kit Fee (one-time)

A one-time initial Marketing Kit Fee to NannyPod USA Inc. (“Marketing Fee”).  The Marketing Kit#1 Fee is five hundred and fifty dollars ($550.00) paid in advance, or Marketing Kit#2 Fee is eight hundred and fifty dollars ($850.00) paid in advance, charged per the Subscriber’s indication on the Order Form.


$35 Background Check Fees (pay per use)

Background Check Fees of thirty five dollars ($35) for each candidate the Subscriber submits (“Background Check Fees”).  


$35 Drug Test Fees (pay per use)

Drug Test Fees of thirty five dollars ($35) for each candidate the Subscriber submits (“Drug Test Fees”).  


$30 Business Consulting Fees (optional, pay per use)

Business Consulting Fees of thirty dollars ($30) for each Business Consulting appointment the Subscriber schedules with NannyPod USA Inc. (“Business Consulting Fees”). Business Consult appointments are purely optional and available per each Subscriber request.

The thirty (30) day notice is required if terminating the agreement to give NannyPod enough time to find a replacement Subscriber (Local Area Manager) for your area. NannyPod reserves the right to adjust the monthly software fee at anytime, and adjust background check fees accordingly, and marketing kit fees accordingly. All fees are non-refundable.


*Only charged upon request if you would like to access the full NannyPod software platform. No fees are charged if you are only using the Free NannyPod App version as a Local Rep.

If you have any questions, please contact:

(843) 819-3840