Sitter Video Format  


NannyPod recommends that you take a quick introduction video of yourself for 10-15 seconds. This helps you get more responses via the new NannyPod App.  Here is a great example.

"Hi my name is XXXXXX XXXXX, and I'm one of the locally approved NannyPod Sitters in XXXXXXX City! I look forward to meeting your family soon. Thank you!"


  • Have a friend take the video
  • Take the video somewhere outside that locals will recognize e.g. beach / park
  • Make sure there is minimum background noise
  • Look nice and presentable
  • Speak clearly
  • Ensure your video is longer than 5 seconds

Please email this to today, thank you! 

We will then post the videos gradually in our Social Media. This will help families identify with you so you get more appointments! 


P.S. NannyPod is expanding across the USA, so if you have moved, please let us know. We have opportunities for sitters in several new locations, as well as Local Area Manager (LAM) positions!  

If you have questions, please contact:

(843) 819-3840

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