Family Pricing - Short Term or Long Term Babysitters, Nannies & Infant Care Nurses

NannyPod has 3 Membership choices, and convenient Pay As You Go hourly fees charged down to the exact minute for short term childcare. If you need long term childcare (also called a nanny match or nanny placement) please request a Family Consult with your Local Area Manager whereby your specific needs will be covered and their exact Retainer Fee and Placement Fee. Thank you.   


Membership Type 14 Day Hotel/Resort Guest Monthly Renewable Annually Renewable
Price $10 One Time $20 Recurring $180 Recurring (Save $60 compared to Monthly)

Short Term and Long Term Childcare

  • Short Term Childcare (Date Night / One Time Sitters) - Pay As You Go

  • Infant Care - Pay As You Go

  • Long Term Childcare - Family Consult Fee + Search Fee + Placement Fee


Family Steps To Get Short Term or Long Term Childcare

Just register and purchase a membership, following the steps below which are also listed in the Welcome Email. Thank you.


Step 1 - Purchase Membership & Create Profile

Step 2 - Complete Identity Verification & Email Your ID

Step 3 - Make Requests Online, via App or via Text Message