The company who built the NannyPod Provider App and NannyPod Parent App had an agreement that they would build and maintain the App in exchange for 20% ownership in our company. This was agreed in 2017.


The developer have since given NannyPod an ultimatum: NannyPod pays them an extremely large sum of money ($200,000) or they will close it down. NannyPod offered them a monthly payment for safety purposes, which they rejected. Naturally this is coercion, and incredibly dishonest. The developers have forced our LAMs / Reps, Sitters, Families and NannyPod itself into an extremely awkward position, harming our brand. 


Important Notes

  • We are consulting serious Legal Counsel on this subject.
  • If we take legal action, and subsequently receive a settlement, a portion of the proceeds will be shared with our current Local Area Managers & Local Reps.
  • Please support NannyPod and our Legal Counsel in writing if/when asked for affidavits regarding the developer and the app they built.
  • All other platforms will continue to function; only the NannyPod app is not functioning at present.
  • Focus your time on permanent Nanny Placements / Matches (full-time or part-time).
  • Best practice: Charge 5% - 10% of the Nanny’s Salary as a placement fee. E.g. on $40K salary $2000 - $4000 placement. We can help you edit templates provided here: https://www.nannypod.com/manager-logins 
  • Recommend families use this software to pay their Matched Nanny: http://nannypay.com/ 
  • We are working with ZohoCRM & ZohoBooks so that LAMs can still place ‘date-night’ babysitters and receive the 12.5% booking fee, please stay tuned for imminent release.
  • We will be building an even better seamless app whereby there is less for LAMs / Reps to do, except approve Sitters locally in person and liaise with families (Uber business model)


NannyPod would like to take this moment to apologize for this huge inconvenience, caused by the developer. Clearly NannyPod had no control over this. The only thing we can do is go on the recommendation of our Legal Counsel, which at present looks extremely strong.


Thank you for your understanding.

   -The NannyPod Team