Nanny, Babysitter & Night Nurse Applications

Nannies / Sitters / Night Nurses: Free Membership!

Apply to be a babysitter, nanny or night nurse through NannyPod today and connect with multiple families across the USA. We background check our families for your safety and you are paid down to the exact minutes you work. We offer the best babysitter rates and a website for you to log hours worked. Check out the full host of benefits of working through NannyPod below, the fastest most reliable technology driven babysitting and nanny service. Apply today!

*On the New App coming 2018, you will be able to submit offers to families, clock in/out and get paid instantly at the higher rates below!

Sitter Pay Rates:

Bronze Sitter: $13.50 - $19.50 Per Hour +

Silver Sitter: $15 - $21 Per Hour +

Gold Sitter: $16.50 - $22.50 Per Hour +

Platinum Sitter: $18 - $24 Per Hour +


Nanny Pay Rates:

Bronze Nanny: $13 - $17 Per Hour +

Silver Nanny: $15 - $19 Per Hour +

Gold Nanny: $17 - $21 Per Hour +

Platinum Nanny: $19 - $23 Per Hour +


Infant Night Nurse Pay Rates:

Night Nurses: $24 - $32 Per Hour +


NannyPod Advantages

  • Local Monthly Coffee Meet Up to connect with Families
  • Smartphone App                                                                                    
  • Paid by Direct Deposit                                                                 
  • Paid for every minute (Babysitters 2 Hour Minimum, Nannies 4 Hour Minimum, Night Nurses 6 Hour Minimum) 
  • Part Time Nannies Guaranteed 20 Hours per week
  • Full Time Nannies Guaranteed 40 Hours per week                        
  • Paid for staying overnight                      
  • Paid when families cancel last minute within 12 hours of start time 
  • Families are background checked for your safety  
  • Liability Insurance Protection                                                              (Protects you if liable for an accident)                                                    
  • Gym Membership Discounts                    
  • CPR Course Fee Discount of 33%     
  • Background Checks Paid for by NannyPod           
  • $25 Referral Bonuses for new Sitters, Nannies & Families (*conditions apply)       

Coming Soon                                                       

  • Corporate Full Time Positions                                                                    
  • Local Area Manager Positions                                                                                                                                    

Get Started in 4 Simple Steps

1. Complete Your Application

2. Complete the NannyPod DocuSign Emails (Contract & CPR Certificate) 

3. NannyPod Calls References & Performs Background Check

4. NannyPod Schedules Your In-Person/Video Orientation 


*NannyPod staff receive $25 referral bonus for each family they refer who buys a package of 25 hours or more, and each new nanny / sitter / night nurse they refer who works more than 25 hours.