Local Reps & Local Area Managers - New Opportunities

NannyPod HQ is looking for Local Reps & Local Area Managers across all 50 States in the USA. Our first primary locations are listed below. Please submit your info today if you are interested by clicking the box below. Thank you.

Local Reps: No Fees (Free App which handles all on-demand childcare, applicant recruitment link, background check portal & professional NannyPod email address) 

Local Area Managers: Set Up Fee + Software Fee + Marketing Kit Fees (Full Software platform)


Alabama | Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | Florida | Georgia | Hawaii | Idaho | Illinois | Indiana | Iowa | Kansas | Kentucky |Louisiana | Maine | Maryland | Massachusetts | Michigan | Minnesota | Mississippi | Missouri | Montana | Nebraska | Nevada | New Hampshire | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | North Carolina | North Dakota | Ohio | Oklahoma | Oregon | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | South Carolina | South Dakota | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | West Virginia | Wisconsin | Wyoming

About NannyPod

NannyPod makes it easy for you to earn money from on-demand Babysitters & Infant Night Nurses using our Software Platform and App. You can also earn money for Family Consults, where you keep the lead for your other business e.g. Nanny Agency or Day Care Center. 

Our Local Reps and Local Area Managers include the following:

  • Nanny Agencies
  • Child Day Care Centers
  • Pre-Schools
  • Stay-at-Home Moms
  • Moms Groups
  • Babysitting Groups
  • Local Suburban Community Associations / Neighborhoods
  • Entrepreneurs who want to run a business from home
  • People looking to own a franchise without large capital reserves

Additional Locations Coming Soon

Don't see your location above? Please submit your information anyway and we will be in touch, thank you. Other locations opening soon:

Montgomery,Alabama     Helena,Montana

Juneau,Alaska                 Lincoln,Nebraska

Phoenix,Arizona              Carson City,Nevada

Little Rock,Arkansas        Concord,New Hampshire

Sacramento,California      Trenton,New Jersey

Denver,Colorado              Santa Fe,New Mexico

Hartford,Connecticut        Albany,New York

Dover,Delaware              Raleigh,North Carolina

Tallahassee,Florida          Bismarck,North Dakota

Atlanta,Georgia              Columbus,Ohio

Honolulu,Hawaii            Oklahoma City,Oklahoma

Boise,Idaho                     Salem,Oregon

Springfield,Illinois            Harrisburg,Pennsylvania

Indianapolis,Indiana        Providence,Rhode Island

Des Moines,Iowa             Columbia,South Carolina

Topeka,Kansas                Pierre,South Dakota

Frankfort,Kentucky          Nashville,Tennessee

Baton Rouge,Louisiana      Austin,Texas

Augusta,Maine               Salt Lake City,Utah

Annapolis,Maryland        Montpelier,Vermont

Boston,Massachusetts        Richmond,Virginia

Lansing,Michigan            Olympia,Washington

St. Paul,Minnesota           Charleston,West Virginia

Jackson,Mississippi           Madison,Wisconsin

Jefferson City,Missouri      Cheyenne,Wyoming

    Our Software Platform & App

    NannyPod has an easy-to-use software platform for Local Reps and Local Area Managers to source quality Babysitters and Infant Night Nurses. You will be in charge of who is approved to be the on the NannyPod app locally. You then earn income from them each time they work. The NannyPod LAM platform includes:

    Website Landing Page | NannyPod Email | Hiring Platform | Background Checks Functionality | Automated Electronic Signing of Documents | Drug Test Scheduling Functionality | Online CPR Courses | Calendar Syncing | NannyPod App which handles Scheduling & Automatic Charging of Fees & Payments | Group Text & Email App | Local Digital Marketing | Use of NannyPod Logo on your Website | Nanny Placement Leads | Accounting & Bookkeeping Platform (coming soon!)



    Basic Fees for Local Reps

    • $0 (It's Free. However, you only receive access to the App which handles all on-demand childcare, an applicant recruitment link, background check portal & professional NannyPod email address)

    Basic Fees for Local Area Managers (LAMs)

    • $299 One-time set up fee and full access to the whole platform
    • $149 Monthly or $1200 Yearly (saves $588) Software Fee which includes a Local Website Page, Professional Email, Hiring Platform, Electronic Document Signing, Calendar Synching, CRM Client Management System, Digital Marketing, On-demand App for Parents & Staff handling all Scheduling & Payments
    • $550 or $850 Marketing Kits to help you jump start your business 
    • $35 Background Check Fees on applicants approved by you (+ State overcharges if applicable which run $2 - $15+/-)
    • $35 Drug Test Fees (Choose a random Sitter every 3 months)
    • $30 Business Consulting Fees (optional)


    Why Become A Local Rep or Local Area Manager?

    • Our managers work when they want on their schedule
    • Managers make consistent recurring income & get paid automatically
    • You can now provide on-demand Babysitters
    • You can now provide on-demand Night Nurse Infant Care
    • You can now provide in person Family Consults (This means you get leads!)
    • We make it easy for families to request babysitters, infant night nurses and family consults, handling all scheduling and payments via our app
    • Parents love NannyPod because it's local, but also very safe and convenient
    • We started NannyPod in Charleston SC on May 1st 2015 and since then have reached over $700K in revenue, 800 Families & 100+ Staff 
    • Keep your existing Nanny Agency and co-brand if you wish
    Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 4.15.54 PM.png

    How Much Do You earn?

    • Babysitting Appointments - 12.5% commission on price paid by Family
    • Night Nurse Infant Care - 12.5% commission on price paid by Family
    • Family Consults - 50% commission on price paid by Family e.g. Manager receives $50 (1Hr), $75 (2Hr), $125 (3Hr) & You keep the lead!


    Potential Earnings Per Year

    Let's say you have 25 Families using Babysitters 5 Hours Per week, paying $20/hour.

    25 x 5 x $20 x 52 = $130,000 x 12.5% = $16,250

    Let's also assume you have 10 Families using Infant Night Nurse Care once per week for 8 Hours, paying $30/hour:

    10 x 8 x $30 x 52 = $124,800 x 12.5% = $15,600

    Perhaps you also do 2 x 1 Hour Nanny Match Consults per week:

    $100 x 52 = $5200

    Total = $16,250 + $15,600 + $5,200 = $37,050

    If you had 50 families using Babysitters, 20 families using Infant Night Nurse Care and completed 4 Nanny Match Consults per week, your income would double to $74,100.

    *Don't forget this is in addition to any other income you may have, especially if you run a Nanny Agency and receive placement fees. You keep 100% of all Nanny Agency placement fees.

      Things You Can Now Forget About

      • Matching babysitters & infant night nurse care with families
      • Scheduling babysitters & infant night nurse care with families
      • Billing families for babysitters & infant night nurse care appointments
      • Billing families for in person Family Consults
      • Tracking who has and has not paid
      • Tracking who needs to be paid or not paid
      • Hunting for the best technology to help you manage, grow and market your services


      Marketing to Jump Start Your Business (LAMs only) 

      Digital Marketing (Free/Included): We ensure that NannyPod is pushed out across all digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo & Bing to help you get local Applicants & Families in your area.

      Advanced Marketing Booklet (Free/Included): Full of unique marketing ideas to help you grow fast so you can build up your income.

      Guide to Business Success Booklet (Free/Included): Several pages of key tips to help ensure you run your business correctly.

      Ongoing Support & Advice ($30 for 30 Minutes): Set a professional business consult with us about anything you need regarding your Nanny Agency, Childcare Center, growing NannyPod or anything else that comes to mind. We are here to help!

      Marketing Kit #1 ($850): 2 Car Magnets, 100 Fridge Magnets, 30 T-shirts, 500 Flyers for Parents, 500 Flyers to recruit Sitters, 500 Manager Business Cards, 500 Sitter Business Cards, 100 ‘Uber style’ decals for the front & rear car windows.

      Marketing Kit #2 ($550): 2 Car Magnets,50 Fridge Magnets, 15 T-shirts, 250 Flyers for Parents, 250 Flyers to recruit Sitters, 250 Manager Business Cards, 250 Sitter Business Cards, 100 ‘Uber style’ decals for the front & rear car windows.

      Individual Marketing Items: Choose any of the above marketing items and pay for them individually as and when you need them, after you have purchased either Marketing Kit#1 or Marketing Kit#2.

      Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 11.20.58 AM.png


      If you have any questions, please contact:

      (843) 819-3840