Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for our MindBody App and Platform Users (Charleston SC Only)

1. How does a family get started with NannyPod and request Charleston SC babysitters or nannies online or via the MindBody Connect App?

Commence by Registering as a family. Purchase the NannyPod Annual Membership ($180), Monthly Membership ($20) or Hotel / Resort Guest 14 Day Membership ($10), complete your Profile, Identity Verification and DocuSign email. It only takes about ten minutes to register as a family! Families can purchase Hours In Advance, Monthly or use Pay As You Go and request babysitters, nannies and night nurses using the MindBody Connect App. You will only be able to request a babysitter, nanny or night nurse on the App, who will come to your house or a location noted by you, when all of the above is completed.

Fees for Families 

$180 Annually or $20 Monthly Membership + Hourly Fees

Three Ways to Buy Hours

>Pay in Advance

>Pay Monthly (10 Month Contract) 

>Pay As You Go

Get Started in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Purchase Membership & Create Profile
Step 2 - Complete Identity Verification & DocuSign Email
Step 3 - Purchase Hours In Advance, Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go & Request Sitters Using the MindBody Connect App

*All families start earning NannyPod Reward Points by Perkville immediately which can then be redeemed for Free Hours!

Important - Please Read

- If you require a part time or full time Nanny, you must purchase a Nanny 100 Hours In Advance package when you register. We will then find a match for you. Thank you. 

- 2 Hour Minimum on all Babysitter appointments. 4 Hour Minimum on all Nanny Appointments. 6 Hour Minimum on all Night Nurse Appointments.

- 12 Hour cancellation policy applies on all appointments. 

- 31 Day cancellation notice required on membership. 31 Day cancellation notice required on part time and full time nannies. 

- 20 Hours per week guaranteed to Part Time Nannies

- 40 Hours per week guaranteed to Full Time Nannies

- 2 Weeks scheduling in advance required

- 160 Hours must be maintained on your account balance at all times after the match is completed if you elected a part time or full time nanny


2. How does a Nanny / Babysitter / Night Nurse get started with NannyPod in Charleston SC?

Get Started in 4 Simple Steps

1. Complete Your Application

2. Complete the NannyPod DocuSign Emails (Contract & CPR Certificate) 

3. NannyPod Calls References, Performs Background Check & Schedules Drug Test

4. NannyPod Schedules Your Orientation @Starbucks


*NannyPod contractors receive $25 referral bonus for each family they refer who buys a package of 25 hours or more, and each new nanny / babysitter they refer who works more than 25 hours. Referral fee for Night Nurses is $100. Conditions apply.

Read the NannyPod Sitter Instructions page.


3. What is the difference between a Nanny and a Babysitter?

Nannies are matched to your family either part-time (20 hours per week guaranteed) or full-time (40 hours per week guaranteed). All of our locally approved full time and part time Nannies are qualified based on paid childcare experience, in addition to a selection of other qualifications.  They're categorized accordingly:

  • Platinum - 8 Years experience + Other Qualifications

  • Gold - 6 Years Experience + Other Qualifications

  • Silver - 4 Years Experience + Other Qualifications

  • Bronze - 2 Years Experience + Other Qualifications

Babysitters are not matched, and are for occasional one-time care e.g. date nights, you time, covering while your matched nanny is away / sick etc..

All NannyPod approved contractors provide consistent top-tier care for your family. We mainly use the term Sitter in our documents.


4. How are NannyPod staff recruited and screened?

NannyPod takes our commitment to providing reliable in-home child care very seriously.  Our comprehensive, rigorous background check and screening process is designed to assess each applicant in an extremely thorough manner. NannyPod specifically requires, amongst other items:

  • Social Security Number Trace and Address History
  • National Criminal background check, including the Sex Offender registry
  • Motor Vehicle Registry Driver History check including a thorough review
  • Random Drug Test
  • CPR Certification
  • Detailed childcare history, experience and skills
  • Personal information including lifestyle, interests, and education
  • Professional references verified by a NannyPod representative
  • Childcare references verified by a NannyPod representative
  • Night Nurses who do infant care are officially certified Registered Nurses

Child care experience, personality, skills and motivation for being a qualified and exceptional caretaker for your family are of paramount importance. The hiring process is lengthy with a zero tolerance policy for candidates who do not meet the NannyPod criteria.

Nannies are categorized by NannyPod into Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Levels based on their experience.


5. How does NannyPod work and what is a 'pod'?

NannyPod allows families to see the full availability of all babysitters / Nannies, view their profiles and find your favorites which we like to call your 'pod'.

We don't do any matching per se with babysitters or night nurses, but we are happy to point you in the right direction at the outset.  You may schedule your favorite Sitter or multiple Sitters at any time, should they be available.  Should none of them be available, you may select any of our other high quality Sitters / Nannies.  To help you decide from which Sitter to choose, you can read a short bio by hovering your mouse over their names or by clicking their photo in the App!


6. How do I schedule a Nanny / babysitter online or via the app, and what is the minimum appointment time in Charleston SC?

After registering, simply login to your NannyPod mobile application or login to your NannyPod online account and select the approximate appointment length, days of the week in which you are looking for care, and approximate time frame (morning, afternoon, evening). The Sitters available at those times will then populate.  You may then request an appointment.  All appointments are requests and are considered tentative until confirmed by the Sitter.  An appointment confirmation will be sent via email and text message usually within 30 minutes of the request. The minimum appointment time is 2 hours for babysitters, 4 hours for nannies and 6 hours for night nurses.

Childcare Type Babysitters Nannies Night Nurse
Appointment Minimum 2 Hours 4 Hours 6 Hours


7. How far in-advance can I book an appointment?  

There is no limit to how far in-advance you can book an appointment. Naturally, we encourage early booking.  NannyPod Sitters are required to complete their calendar of availability one month out.  However, if you are in need of recurring care with one particular Sitter, you may request recurring appointments on the same days and times as far out as you wish.  Although NannyPod endeavors to provide you with access to care 24/7, we cannot guarantee that your favorite Sitters will be available in last minute or emergency situations. We suggest booking your appointments as early as possible but will try our best to provide care in last minute scenarios.  

8. What should I do if an appointment is cancelled?

While NannyPod policy requires a Sitter to cancel at least 48 hours in-advance of their scheduled arrival time, we understand that this may not always be possible and last minute cancellations may occur.  Should a Sitter cancel at any time, simply login to your NannyPod mobile application or login to your NannyPod online account and request another appointment as soon as you receive notification of the cancellation. Please remember we cannot guarantee that there will be last minute care available. If you ask for NannyPod to help you find someone, and then change your mind at the last minute, we do implement our cancellation policy. 


9. What happens if I go over (or under) my scheduled appointment time?

NannyPod understands that it is hard to estimate the exact times needed when booking your appointment, and we understand that things come up during the workday (or you may decide to stay out a little later on a date night!). Our Sitters are required to confirm, clock in and clock out of each appointment by logging in to their NannyPod online account. This is completed and recorded down to the minute.  Should you return home earlier or later than you planned, it will be noted when the Sitter clocks-out of the appointment. We ensure that documented times are correct and that hours / minutes are deducted accordingly. Please note that the minimum appointment time is 2 hours for babysitters, 4 hours for nannies and 6 hours for night nurses. 


10. Are hours and minutes deducted automatically from my package?

Yes.  Hours and minutes are deducted automatically from your package after each appointment!  NannyPod will notify you via email when you're account has a low balance.  If you don't purchase an hourly package in advance or on a monthly basis for the correct amount of children for your appointments, or for the correct category of nanny (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze) or have enough minutes on your account, then NannyPod will charge you on the Pay As You Go basis.

e.g. You only buy a 1 Child Pay In Advance hourly package, but then book a 2 Children appointment, you will be charged the Pay As You Go rate. 

e.g. You only buy a Bronze Nanny In Advance hourly package, then book a Platinum Nanny, you will be charged the applicable Pay As You Go rate.

11. Can I schedule multiple appointments at once?

Yes!  Please feel free to do so. You can also schedule multiple Charleston SC Nannies / Sitters to work in the same day and at the same time. This is especially beneficial when you need a few Sitters to help you with a birthday party, wedding, or have multiple kids needing to be in multiple places at the same time, or picked up from multiple places at the same time! 

*If you request two sitters, but only need one, be sure to cancel the second one asap, once you have a confirmation. Otherwise you run the risk of having two sitters confirmed, for which you will be charged.


12. How do NannyPod hourly packages work? What happens if they expire?

Hourly packages expire 12 months from purchase. They are priced based on the amount of children you have, and the amount of hours you would like to purchase in advance. We use economies of scale, so the larger hourly packages have a lower price per hour and are better value. The best value is to buy hours using Pay In Advance. The next best value is to Pay Monthly, which is a 10 month contract.  If your package expires, and you would like to re-start it, there is a 25% fee (minimum fee of $250) based on the original package price. Packages can only be restarted if they are within 24 months of the original purchase date.

*If you happen to book an appointment and do not have enough hours or minutes on your account, or just prefer to pay when you need services, then NannyPod will charge you a per hour rate based on the applicable Pay As You Go pricing.

Notes About Pay As You Go

*Pay As You Go is implemented when families do not have a Pay In Advance package, a Pay Monthly package, or when your package runs out of minutes. Pay As You Go fees are also implemented when families do not have an appropriate package for the corresponding appointment type or nanny category (Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze) i.e. 1 Child packages can only pay for 1 Child appointments, 2 Children packages can only pay for 2 Children appointments, Bronze Nanny packages can only pay for Bronze Nanny Appointments, etc... 

*Please note that NannyPod does not reimburse Sitters / Nannies for any costs incurred while looking after children. Hence, please determine which costs will be reimbursed to your Sitter / Nanny in advance e.g. Gas, Food, Transport, Museum Entrance Costs, Aquarium Entrances, etc... Thank you. 


13. Will NannyPod match a Nanny / Sitter / Night Nurse to my family?

Yes, we help families match part time and full time nannies, for regular long term childcare which are 6 month, 12 month or 24 month commitments. Part time nannies have a 20 hour per week minimum. Full time nannies have a 40 hour per week minimum. Nanny appointment minimums are 4 hours. 

Family Commitment Part-Time Nanny Full-Time Nanny
Choose Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Level Yes Yes
4 Hour Appointment Minimum Yes Yes
20 Hours/Week Guaranteed Yes N/A
40 Hours/Week Guaranteed N/A Yes
2 Weeks In Advance Scheduling Required Yes Yes
2, 6, 12 or 24 Month Contract Yes Yes
100 Hours Paid In Advance Yes Yes
160 Hours Maintained on Account Yes Yes
31 Day Termination Notice Yes Yes


*We do not do any matching per se for families with babysitters or night nurses, however we are happy to point you in the right direction. All NannyPod staff are approved based upon having vast experience and skills needed to provide the utmost care for your children; We do understand that some will be better suited to your family over others. This is why NannyPod provides full profile information about them on the App and online.  We also include geographic locations of babysitters across Charleston SC so that it is as easy as possible for your appointment requests to be met.


14. Do I need to pay taxes for my Sitter / Nanny / Night Nurse?

No. Each Sitter is an independent contractor via NannyPod and all taxes are filed and paid to the IRS by the babysitter.


15. How are NannyPod Sitters paid?

NannyPod Sitters are independent contractors via NannyPod and are paid on a weekly basis. All Sitters are paid by direct deposit based on the amount of hours and minutes worked. Click here for an example of How Much You Can Earn by working at NannyPod.

16. Can a Nanny / Sitter set their availability?

Yes, as a Sitter you can select your availability based on when you are free to work. Simply login to your NannyPod online account and confirm the days in which you are available or block the days and times in which you are unavailable. All Sitters are required to set their schedules at least one month prior to the first of each upcoming month i.e. 60 days out .  


17. How many hours can a Nanny / Sitter work?

Each of our Sitters may work as many hours as they are available, or as many as the family needs them. There is no limit. Each Sitter is required Confirm > Clock In > Clock Out of each appointment, which ensures the accuracy hours / minutes worked, deducted and paid.


18. Do Nannies / Sitters work with multiple families?

Yes, Sitters may work with multiple families. It is for this reason it is wise to schedule your needs as much in advance as possible, especially if you have your favorites, which we like to call your 'pod'.


19. Can a family get an IRS Tax Credit for NannyPod childcare costs?

Yes! You can pay less tax and lower your Nanny / Sitter costs. Subject to IRS rules and regulations, families may be entitled to an IRS Tax Credit up to a maximum of $2100. You can claim up to $3000 in expenses for one child, and $6000 for two children or more. You, or your qualified CPA, will need to file IRS form 2441 with your tax return and follow the IRS eligibility rules. You will need the NannyPod EIN which is 47-2093535. Don’t forget to keep all NannyPod receipts for your tax records!

IRS Tax Credit Example: A Family with 2 Children, who earns more than $43,000 per annum in 2015, purchases 4 X 100 Hour Packages:


100 Hour Packages                               Package     Cost           Average Per Hour

100 Hours for Family w/ One Child        P               $1,400.00          $14.00

100 Hours for Family w/ Two Children   Q              $1,600.00          $16.00


2 X 100 Hour Package P = $2800

2 X 100 Hour Package Q = $3200

Total Cost of Hourly Packages before Tax Credit $2800 + $3200 = $6000  

Hourly Packages Total = 400 Hours

Average Cost before Tax Credit $6000 / 400 = $15 Per hour

IRS Tax Credit allowed =  20% x $6000 = $1200

Total Cost of Hourly Packages after Tax Credit $6000 - $1200 = $4800

Average Cost after Tax Credit = $4800 / 400 = $12 Per Hour

*NannyPod sends an email every January to every family and attaches IRS form 2441 to remind them to claim the IRS Tax Credit for Childcare costs.

Illustration below based on family with two children, using a babysitter 400 hours per year (7-8 hours per week):



20. Can I use my company Dependent Care FSA account to pay for childcare at NannyPod?

Yes! If your company provides you with a Dependent Care FSA, then you can use that account to pay for childcare with pre-tax dollars. This helps you save money. If your employer does not offer a Dependent Care FSA, you can ask that they set one up through a company like WageWorks. Read this link here for more information


21. Can a family book two Sitters / Nannies if we have more than five children?

Yes! If you have an extra large family, or you are having play dates, or a birthday party, or a wedding with more than five children present, then you can book two Sitters / Nannies. Just schedule the Sitters / Nannies to arrive a few minutes apart e.g. 7:00PM for Sitter #1, and 7:05PM for Sitter #2.


22. Can a family enter specific notes for each Sitter appointment?

Yes, please login to your NannyPod online account to add specific notes. We are working on getting a notes section added to the smartphone app which should be available soon.

Each Sitter / Nanny will read the notes before arriving for the appointment so they know what is happening with your family!


23. Can families in Charleston SC meet their Sitters / Nannies in advance of using NannyPod?

Yes you can! We meet on the first Saturday of the month at a Starbucks that is local to you. Come on down and meet some of our friendly NannyPod staff face to face!  Stay tuned to our social networks for upcoming Coffee Meet Ups with babysitters and nannies in Charleston SC. 


24. Which App do I download to use with NannyPod if we are a family?

NannyPod uses MindBody software. Click the below links for your smartphone / tablet.

NannyPod App on the App Store for families - MindBody Connect

NannyPod App on Google Play for families - MindBody Connect

25. Which App do I download to use NannyPod if I am a Sitter / Nanny?

NannyPod uses MindBody software. Click the below links for your smartphone / tablet.

NannyPod App on the App Store for Sitters / Nannies - MindBody Express

NannyPod App on Google Play for Sitters / Nannies - MindBody Express


26. What does a family do if parents are divorced or separated, and they both want to use NannyPod?

If parents are divorced or separated, we ask that each parent register with NannyPod individually. This is the easiest way to ensure the safety of all children.


27. Does NannyPod complete a background check on families too?

Yes, NannyPod Sitters and Nannies need to be kept safe. We do a basic background check that includes: 

  • Social Security Number Trace and Address History

  • National Criminal background check, including the Sex Offender registry


28. Does NannyPod carry a liability insurance policy?

Yes, NannyPod has a $1,000,000 Professional and General Liability Insurance Policy through Colony Speciality Insurance, a member of the Argo Group


29. How do I cancel an appointment and what is the NannyPod Cancellation Policy?

You can cancel appointments on the app or online if it's at least 12 hours before the start time. If it is within 12 hours of the start time, please send the cancellation in writing via email to .

*We have a 12 Hour cancellation policy. Hence, if you cancel within 12 hours of the start time, you are charged 100% of the appointment. We pay our sitters and nannies 100% of what they would have earned. 

If you request two or more sitters, and you only need one, ensure the other appointment is cancelled via the app or online asap so that you are not charged for two. All appointments must be requested either online or via the app. Thank you.


30. How do I cancel my NannyPod membership?

Please send all cancellations in writing via email to . NannyPod has a 31 day cancellation policy on all memberships. Thank you.


31. What is NannyPod's refund policy on unused hours?

If you would like a refund, your account balance must have a dollar value of at least $500. There is a 25% fee on all refunds. Thank you. 

Thank you for reading the NannyPod FAQs!

   -The NannyPod Team