The Problem

The babysitting and nanny industry is broken in several ways:

  1. Parents: No reliable in-home childcare services with standard policies
  2. Nannies/Sitters: No protection or safety
  3. Childcare Businesses: No integrated software to help them run operations end-to-end

The Solution

NannyPod is the first 'tech driven' nanny agency and babysitting franchise with standard policies. Our turn key business model and software platform provides protection and safety for nannies and sitters. It allows childcare businesses to harness technology that allows them scale at a local level, while providing the safest and most reliable on-demand care.

There are 1000s of childcare businesses who could dramatically increase their revenues by using our franchise model and software.  Nanny agencies, babysitting businesses and daycare centers can now scale quickly, and meet the MASSIVE need for locally vetted on-demand childcare. 

IRS Childcare Tax Credits for Families: All childcare receipts for families are easily accessible when using NannyPod. This means families can get IRS Childcare Tax Credits. See IRS Form 2441 and IRS Publication 503 on childcare costs for eligibility. Maximum Tax Credit is $2100 in 2016.

Our Software And Technology Platform

We know what to build because we started the first local NannyPod business based in Charleston, SC. The key pieces to build are split into 3 core areas:

1) Franchise Owner Software Features

Register Clients | Recruit Staff | Background Check Families & Staff | Accept Payments Automatically | Pay Staff Automatically by Direct Deposit | Set Hourly Pricing | Set Hourly Pay | Schedule Staff | Manage Appointments | Retention Rewards Program | Create Promotions | Group Text Staff | E-Sign Legal Contracts | Map Staff In Real Time | Business App with Clients, Staff & Metrics  

2) Features for Families (clients)  

Scheduling Online | Text Message Notifications | Retention Reward Points Program | Advanced App with Geo-Tagging, Confirm, Arrive, Depart & Review

3) Features for Sitters / Nannies (staff)

Set Availability | Accept Appointment Requests | Text Message Notifications | Clock In & Clock Out | Retention Bonus Rewards Program | Advanced App with Geo-Tagging, Confirm, Arrive, Depart & Review


A Unique Position In This Industry - Our IP

Source Code - Our source code has the potential to be copyrighted.

User Interface - Our technology platform and interface has the potential to be patented.

Pricing and Pay Algorithms - Our unique algorithms that calculate pricing and pay across the USA can also be patented.

These three items give us a unique proprietary edge over our competitors, as well as create valuable IP.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 3.01.55 PM.png


The Value of Our Data

Technology driven companies and services harvest data on its clientele base. This data is extremely valuable as NannyPod collects specific information about a variety of family demographics. If you are Target, Toys R Us, or Walgreens then perhaps this data could be of use knowing exactly how old children are in a specific household. Our software will allow for specific demographic marketing to end users, which are both families and nannies/babysitters. NannyPod could be viewed as an IT platform, that provides safer, more reliable on-demand childcare through locally operated franchisees.

Our Team

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Financial Projections

Our financial projections are conservative estimates. We like to under promise and over deliver. 

*These projections do not even include our white label software product. These numbers are purely based on NannyPod franchises across the USA. We plan to double the below numbers when we launch our white label software called SitterSuite.

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 4.12.24 PM.png


Why We Need Investors - Strong Proof of Concept

Our 'tech driven' local NannyPod business, did $500K in revenue in well under 2 years. We have created the system that childcare businesses, parents and sitters/nannies need.

However, we can only scale our company if we build our own proprietary software, platform interface and algorithms. 


Have We Caught Your Attention?

We hope so. You can schedule a time to speak with us directly using the Calendly link further down. In addition, here are a few more documents for late night reading:

Executive Summary

11 Slide Pitch Deck

Business Plan

Financial Projections - Franchise Version (30% Revenue Share)

Financial Projections - White Brand Version (5% on Transactions)

Our Team & Proof of Concept

Software Platform Features

Investment Term Sheet

What Can A Local 'Tech Driven' Babysitting & Nanny Business Achieve in 1 Year?

NannyPod Media Coverage

Read news articles about our company here and see where we are heading.  


Interested in being part of the greatest technology driven childcare franchise, but still have some questions? 

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