NannyPod | | SitterCity | UrbanSitter Childcare Comparison

There are lots of great childcare companies out there. NannyPod is slightly different in a few ways which we feel helps both parents and childcare providers immensely. To start with, we have three easy membership choices, 5 easy childcare levels and Local Area Managers with whom you can speak directly!

Membership Type Cost
Annual Membership $180 (Recurring)
Monthly Membership $20 (Recurring)
One Time Hotel / Resort Guest Membership $10 (14 Days, one time)

Comparison of Services

NannyPod Online & Local Childcare Care.Com Online Childcare SitterCity Online Childcare UrbanSitter Online Childcare
Membership Choices Annual $180, Monthly $20, 14 Day Hotel Guest $10 Annual $147, 3 Months $78, Monthly $39, Annual $140, 3 Months $70, Monthly $35 Annual $99.95, Monthly $34.95
Care Types Sitters (date-night), Infant Care (overnight by RNs), Nannies (longterm match) Sitters (date-night), Nannies (long term), Special Needs, Elder Care, Pet Care, Housekeepers and more Sitters (date-night), Nannies (long term), Special Needs, Companion Care Sitters (date-night), Nannies (long term)
Background Checks Sitters & Parents, paid for by NannyPod Various, paid for by Sitters & Parents Various, paid for by Sitters & Parents Various, paid for by Sitters & Parents
Local Managers / Reps Yes (Local Managers in your town/city) No No No
Hourly Costs Fixed, set by NannyPod Varies, set by Sitter Varies, set by Sitter Varies, set by Sitter
Local Manager 24/7 Direct Access Yes No No No
Automated Hiring of Sitters / Nannies No (Local Manager approval needed) Yes Yes Yes
Family Consults (in-person locally) Yes No No No
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How We Categorize Sitters & Nannies

All of our locally approved full time and part time Nannies are qualified based on paid childcare experience, in addition to a selection of other qualifications.  

Nanny Level Platinum Gold Silver Bronze Copper
Experience 8 Years + Other Qualifications 6 Years + Other Qualifications 4 Years + Other Qualifications 2 Years + Other Qualifications 1 Year + Other Qualifications

Other Qualifications May Include: First Aid | CPR Certified | Newborn Care Specialist (NCS) | Neo-natal Resuscitation Program Certification (NRP) | Pediatric Emergency Assessment Recognition & Stabilization Certification (PEARS) | International Nanny Association Member (INA) | Childcare Related Undergraduate Degree | Childcare Related Graduate Degree | Registered Nurse Qualification (RN) | Languages | Teacher Experience

Personal Family Consults

Family Consults in person with one of our staff are a pre-requisite when looking for a Nanny Match. We will identify your exact infant / childcare needs.  You can easily request one of these online or through the MindBody App once you are registered and have paid the membership fee.

If you have further questions about Sitters, Infant Care, Matched Nannies or Nanny Placements, please contact your Local Area Manager or NannyPod Headquarters:

(843) 819-3840

*Family Consult required for all Nanny Matches, thank you.