25 Reasons Why Nanny Agencies Use NannyPod

NannyPod makes it easy for you to run your childcare business or nanny agency. Earn money by filling long term childcare needs (nanny match placements), short term childcare needs (on-demand date night sitters) and infant care needs using our Software Platform and App. You can also earn money from Membership Fees, Family Consults and Retainer Fees. Leverage our network today!



1. Lower Your Costs Immediately - Our software platform immediately lowers all of your fixed costs and includes everything you need to run your Nanny Agency. Fees are $1200 per year or $149 per month (plus our $299 one time set-up fee and one time marketing kit* fee of $550 or $850). Check out what’s included:

  • Website Landing Page

  • Email

  • Hiring Platform

  • Background Check Functionality

  • Drug Test Functionality

  • Online CPR Courses

  • Electronic Document Signing

  • Calendar Syncing

  • Group Text & Email App

  • Client CRM

  • NannyPod App which handles your on-demand in-person family consults and on-demand childcare requests including the scheduling & automatic charging of all fees & payments



  • Local Digital Marketing

  • Marketing Kit #1 or Kit #2 (see below)

  • Use of NannyPod Logo

  • Blog & Social Media content which is professionally created

  • Nanny Agency Placement Leads

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 1.png



2. Earn upto $250 Per Family Consult ; Keep 90% of all Nanny Placement Fees ($1350 min.) - You earn $250 per family consult, whether they do a match or not. You keep 90% of all future placement fees when you use NannyPod’s Nanny Agency software platform ($1350 minimum). We advocate keeping your existing Nanny Agency brand.  Conditions apply.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 2.png



3. Co-Brand - You get to co-brand your Nanny Agency logo with the NannyPod logo. This gives you instant extra brand recognition and credibility on marketing materials, email signatures and your website as an approved on-demand childcare provider.  

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 3.png



4. Save Time - Nanny Agencies spin their wheels setting up occasional babysitting appointments / date-night sitters, manually billing families, and worrying if sitters got paid accurately. The NannyPod app handles all of this for you, saving you time and allowing you to focus on nanny placements where you earn more money.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 4.png


5. Second Source of Income - Start getting an efficient second source of income to supplement your nanny agency placement fees. There is a huge demand for occasional babysitting appointments / date-night childcare, infant care and in-person family consults. NannyPod helps you capitalize on these opportunities.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 5.png



6. Get Paid for Every Family Consult - You’ll get requests from families via the app and online for in-person family consults. These leads will hopefully turn into nanny placements for your agency. You get paid automatically by the way!

  • $100 for 1 hour consults

  • $150 for 2 hour consults

  • $250 for 3 hour consults

    *Bonuses may apply. Conditions apply.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 6.png



7. Get Paid for Every Babysitting Appointment - Families request occasional childcare / date-night appointments via the NannyPod app. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that families are billed down to the exact minute, your sitters are paid with 100% accuracy and your agency will receive their fee (12.5% commission). All of this is completed automatically.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 7.png



8. Get Paid for Every Infant Night Nurse Care Appointment - Infant Night Nurse Care is a specialty service performed by official registered nurses (RNs). This is requested by parents of newborns via the NannyPod app. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that families are billed down to the exact minute, your infant night nurses are paid with 100% accuracy and your agency will receive their fee (12.5% commission). All of this is completed automatically.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 8.png



9. Get Paid When Families Visit Your City - Families who are visiting your city on vacation or business may need childcare. Many of them will already be NannyPod Members so they can instantly request your local sitters. For non-members, there’s a quick easy sign up process for visitors, and a one-time $10 Hotel/Resort guest 14 day membership. Either way, you’ll get paid when visiting families use your on-demand childcare.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 9.png


10. Get Paid for Recruiting New Members - Families buy a $20 recurring monthly or $180 annual membership before being allowed to request childcare via the NannyPod app. If your Nanny Agency consistently maintains a 100 or more sitters on the app, then you’ll start receiving 50% commission on Memberships paid by your local families. We will create a special discount coupon for you too. All of this is handled automatically, all you have to do is help promote it locally!

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 10.png



11. Get Paid for Cancellations - We made things simple to understand for all Nanny Agencies, Sitters and Families with a 12 hour cancellation policy. Any appointments cancelled via the app within 12 hours of the start time are charged in full. This means your agency still gets their commission and sitters still get paid in full.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 11.png



12. Zero Credit Card Fees - NannyPod absorbs 100% of all credit card fees which are around 3%. This is one less thing for you to worry about.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 12.png



13. Get Nanny Placement Leads -When you complete in-person family consults, these enquiries may turn into nanny placement opportunities for your agency. This helps you earn more. And even if they don’t, at least you got paid for your time automatically.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 13.png



14. Keep Everyone Safe - We background check every family for you, so you have complete peace of mind that you, your sitters and infant night nurses are safer when they go to appointments.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 14.png



15. Streamline Your Operations - We believe that ‘time is money’. Every minute of the day counts. By using our integrated software platform, you’ll be able to keep track of things more easily. Feel like your mind is buzzing in all directions, we can help!

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 15.png



16. Compete with Care.com, SitterCity & UrbanSitter - Your Nanny Agency can really compete now against these large tech companies and others, by providing locally vetted on-demand childcare. You’ll also have an edge over your local nanny agencies.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 16.png



17. Provide Instant Back-up Care to your Nanny Placement Families - We all know that from time to time nannies who you have placed on permanent basis fall sick or need a personal day off. You can now provide instant back-up care to these families, quickly and efficiently via the NannyPod app. This dramatically improves your customer experience, making you look like a superstar!

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 17.png



18. Help Families get Childcare Tax Benefits & Cost Reductions - Families can easily use their Dependent Care FSA Account at their company or receive the Childcare Tax Credit when using the NannyPod app. This gives them a discount on their childcare expenses.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 18.png


19. Maintain Strong Client Retention - Families who use your Nanny Agency will stick with you for life. Families earn reward points, which can be redeemed for free hours or discounts. In addition, they have access to convenient on-demand childcare both at home, and in other cities around the USA.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 19.png



20. Open Multiple Locations - Ever thought about expanding your company and brand to other cities or towns that are near you? NannyPod makes it easy for you to do this. You can now scale overnight with our platform.  Did we mention discounts apply for having multiple locations?

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 21.png



21. Improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - We handle this professionally for you so that any family who looks up childcare definitely sees your local listing. As we know, most people Google everything these days, and it’s critical your services are found before the competition. Great SEO takes time (it’s not just about settings), so be patient. Follow the marketing guides and after about 1 year your childcare should be near the top of Google’s first page.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 22.png



22. Work on the Fly - No one likes being chained to a desk! Our platform and set up allows you to work from wherever and whenever you like. Hit your local coffee shop, WholeFoods or get away for the weekend. As long as you have wi-fi access or can tether your phone to your laptop, you’ll have more flexibility than ever. You’ll also be more productive knowing you can handle urgent items, no matter where you are.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 23.png


23. Minimize Admin - Probably your largest time sucker is administration items like manually billing clients, following up with applicants, tracking who has and has not paid, as well as trying to thread a camel through the eye of a needle when it comes to scheduling appointments! Admin will always be part of every business, but the NannyPod platform makes it quick and easy for you, and even eliminates most of the above for you!

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 24.png



24. Help Your Nannies Earn Even More - Everyone has downtime. Everyone has sick days. Your existing pool of nannies may appreciate knowing that if they’re sick, then one of your other nannies can be requested instantly by the family so that they’re not left out in the cold with regards to childcare. In addition, it’s possible that some of your nannies may want to pick up extra childcare appointments when they’re not needed by their matched family. Help them maximize their income and approve them to be on the NannyPod app!

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 25.png



25. Get Professional Nanny Agency Business Advice - Need a pep talk or just want to bounce some ideas of someone who as already run a very successful Nanny Agency? We offer professional business advice with your best interests at heart. Never worry again about making the wrong business decision, or second guessing yourself.

NannyPod Nanny Agency Software 26.png


*Marketing Kits

You’ll get visually appealing items from VistaPrint to help you kickstart your business. Did we mention we can include your Nanny Agency logo too?

Marketing Kit #1 ($850): 2 Car Magnets, 100 Fridge Magnets, 30 T-shirts, 500 Flyers for Parents, 500 Flyers to recruit Sitters, 500 Manager Business Cards, 500 Sitter Business Cards, 100 ‘Uber style’ decals for the front & rear car windows. 

Marketing Kit #2 ($550): 2 Car Magnets, 50 Fridge Magnets, 15 T-shirts, 250 Flyers for Parents, 250 Flyers to recruit Sitters, 250 Manager Business Cards, 250 Sitter Business Cards, 100 ‘Uber style’ decals for the front & rear car windows.

Individual Marketing Items: Choose any of the above marketing items and pay for them individually via the special NannyPod VistaPrint website as and when you need them, after you have purchased either Marketing Kit#1 or Marketing Kit#2.

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